Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Review Video Instructions How To Adjust App Settings


My boss recently gave me this Parrot AR Drone 2.0 which is such a really cool toy. It’s a 4 rotor remote controlled drone with 2 on board cameras, one of which is …


  1. isn't the emergency button and landing button basically the same function?
    Also push the flat trim button before take off when the drone's sitting on a flat surface correct?

  2. Just a few notes for you Ryan… (Thanks for sharing, BTW)

    a) In settings Joypad turns the device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) into a game pad. You do not need to tilt your device to move the drone in flight. You can have it sit on your lap.

    b) The 2nd Tilt slider (in the setup area, same page as Joypad) is for how much tilt you wish to tilt your device as it is flying, not a duplicate function, or error. 2 separate issues.

    c) Thanks for sharing the tip that when Joypad is enabled the left area is more reliable to use during flight (the other way is to tilt your device in flight). Others may not know this yet. Well it sure assisted me!

    d) You can have your USB connected in the drone before the battery is connected! It will do an internal check, about 5 secs after the props dance, then it will flash red/green, then you can see the USB is connected in FreeFlight 2.0.

    e) Don't worry, I'm sure you are a much more seasoned flyer by now, and with software updates, you have recognized this info too. I have almost 1 minute of flight time before a crash! I'm getting there…

  3. First I have to say that its pronounced Hull not Whole
    The stock battery packs that you can get for the drone are junk
    both of my stock battery packs were fully charged but
    after three months the battery packs crapped out and developed
    a memory and I could not re-charge them fully and they only lasted 15 seconds
    I highly advise getting battery packs and a charger form
    for your Ar Drone. you get much more flight time with them and you

  4. You mentioned pairing in the settings. Well if you put it on, the Drone only connects to that device. So no one can take over control or access the wifi when it's open and you are not connected.

    Great video by the way!


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