Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Review


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  1. I am having trouble connecting my Parrot to my phone and I called customer service . The first call the rep. said he couldn't hear me and hung up. I called back and spoke to the same rep. I explained what my problem was and he tried to talk me through the pairing.For whatever reason he could not understand what I was saying and hung up. Very professional. I will never buy another product from them.

  2. Just some feedback. You seem pretty ignorant and uninformed. I think this makes for a bad review. Gathering all the information before hand so you could present it to everybody would have been a good idea. You came off as very unprepared! You are giving us a review supposedly but you don't even know what the quadcopter is called or what material it's made out of or what sensors it has on it. A battery is always good to have? What kind of statement is that?

  3. stan@cnet.- lol – open your mind – there are alot of people who will buy this and use it and learn to make money with this NEW ITEM – DOORS WILL OPEN WITH THIS PRODUCT – watch and see  GUY!!


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