Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Camera Mod Hack Pointing Camera Downward


Recomended Tools Link to Pazetronics Mod Video …


  1. Thanks for the tip. I sold my drone this week, looking for some other cool toy to play with, and the trolls are cool with me, the more comments on a video the higher the ranking in the search. I like trolls, lol

  2. I did this to my AR yesterday, and I really and honestly like the view much, much more. To others thinking about doing this, there is a small, a very small void between the EPP you're carving away and the camera ribbon cable. If you take it slow, you'll see that void and know to stop. You probably don't even need to go that deep, but if you do. I didn't have any plastic epoxy/CA glue nearby, so I used a dab of hot glue and it worked fine. Thanks for the vid.

  3. Thanks for the vid. You'd think this is something they would have thought about during production, but oh well, I'll be modding mine this afternoon. Oh and Zombie, don't feed the trolls, they aren't worth your time.

  4. nah the pros all work in cctv in london u can't scratch your ass anywhere in that city without it being caught on atleast 3 different cameras and from no less than 3 different angles. But really why bother with all that when most people carry smart phones/tablets and laptops with HD cameras just waiting to be hacked ? Mask tape your cameras when u are not using them. Better to be safe than end up on some sleazy porn site. Some people like sleazy so they can toss the mask tape and sleazy on.

  5. Why is this a perv cam, It is taking video at a higher altitude than previously affordable, and is a fun toy. I see no benefit for a perv having this camera. It draws a lot of attention.

  6. a good few good lenses and decent camera is better at being a perv cam than this cuz it makes so much noise and stands out in the sky honestly if u get caught off guard by this you have to be deaf and blind. You should be worried about all the sky lights people install in their homes with all the Super HD satellites floating around up there.

  7. The camera is not adjustable for the factory, and its on a flying quadcopter. The view that it gets factory is of the treeline, I want to see a little downward for better views of the landscape. It made a big difference in the videos I make with this thing.


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