Parrot ANAFI Drone Review – Part 1 In-Depth – [Unboxing, Inspection, Setup & Updating]


Enjoy my Parrot ANAFI Drone Review – Part 1 In-Depth – Unboxing, Inspection, Setup & Updating. ANAFI Here’s part 2 with flight test …


  1. One thing thats great about the camera pitching up is when you are in the forest and you want to return home you can look up and check that there are no trees above you before you hit the return home button.

  2. Thanks for the video. I am helping the National Parks Service of
    Ethiopia with drone monitoring. What we need is flying the drones in a
    straight line at and elevation of 50 or 100m and take slightly
    overlapping pictures straight down to document the wildlife. While in
    the field we could not make it to work. We tried to take pictures using
    the delayed shooting, set at 5 or 10 seconds, but it would only take 1
    picture, after which it would change to video while the camera moved up
    to an angle of about 20 degrees. These lines need to be 1 – 2 km long,
    but every time the drone would kick into automatic home return after
    about 150m. Is there a phone number or email I could reach you to figure
    out what we did wrong? This is an extremely important issue for the
    survival of wildlife in the Ethiopian National parks. I tried tech
    support, but those guys only could give me this link and were unable to
    help me any further. My email Thanks, Dr. Daan

  3. Dustin, you saved me some stress and mobile data. When I saw that the first thing that happened when one connects their phone to the drone is that there is a firmware update, I realized I wanted to take care of that at home before heading out to attempt my first flight. Now, I'm heading out with my batteries fully charged and my firmware up to date. Thanks.

  4. Dustin – Great video/tutorial.  Received my Parrot ANAFI about a week ago. With the latest software version (1.3.2) , Hardware version (HW_03) for Free flight 6, under the "Interface" tab, there is now an option to choose your measurement system: Auto / Imperial or Metric. Enjoy :).

  5. Mine arrive Sat, 1/12/19, after charging everything, I flew it Sun 1/13?19. It is great. On my FreeFlight 6 App, I can set my RTH minimum height and my units are Imperial. What i don't know how to do, yet, is make it shoot in HDR mode. Do you know how the select HDR?
    Thanks, Bobby


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