Parrot Anafi Drone Review – NOT better than the DJI Mavic Air


I spend 6 weeks with the Parrot Anafi – a smaller, lighter and cheaper Mavic Air. Do the issues hold this drone back and allow the DJI Monopoly to continue?


  1. Dji mavic air £800 in UK. DJI mavic 2 pro £1300. Parrot anofi £469. Think perfect for the beginner. DJI is nice yet for those £1300 u can get anofi, gopro 7 black and week of holiday hahah. Still nice review

  2. It only accepts micro SDHC card, (only up to 32GB) not the more advanced micro SDXC card (up to 128GB). Its battery is so long to be charged – one battery up 2 and half hours. In term of easy handling… is more user-friendly.

  3. I'm confused. At 1:58 you talk About WIFI interferences and iceland locations but showing footage of a flight over a crowded residential area in Seattle (with lot's of WIFI Routers I guess) 450m away from Industtial District West. Sorry, but I can't take this review seroiusly. Since KP-Index takes lots of influence especially in iceland comparison of range only makes sense when taking all drones to compare out at the same time and same location. I've seen Mavics loosing WIFI after 50m, so this Issue is a non issue in my opinion, other reviewers proffed that. Same for the sd card error for which an initialisation sequence is available from parrot support.

  4. Look on their website only supports SanDisk SD cards the faster the better !
    Never had a card error !
    WiFi can be hit and miss . I've experienced same with air probably a little better tho.
    Charging times Mavic 55 on its hub one battery at a time .
    Can charge 3 batteries at once for the anafi in 1.20 .
    Nfz anafi .
    Props never in shot ,great for fast shots .
    Subject tracking way better especially at high speeds . Better camera . About two thirds quieter. (Major plus) ! 24 minute flight real time . Camera points up . Zoom . Better app . Frame subject in tracking modes , not seen in any other drone great feature.
    This drone wins hands down .
    Oa is only helpful at the sides . Otherwise a battery waste .

  5. I'm curious, have you applied the update from Parrot that was released a couple weeks ago? I had similar SD card error message and the update has solved that for me. I have not had similar issue that you had with the reception but I'm sure there are a dozen different factors in why that would be. To my eye the results from the 21 megapixel camera of the Anafi exceeded what the 12 megapixel camera of the Mavic Air could produce and for me that was most important for my intended use (real estate photography). Thanks for the informative video!


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