Parrot Anafi Drone – Full Testing and Review


Parrot has released a brand new drone called ANAFI. It features a 4K, 21 MP camera, 3-axis stabilization and a 25 minute flight time. In this clip I show you what …


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course. In the comments, I am struck by some who say that the drone is ugly. Again, that's OK. No problem. Personally, I think it is a beautiful little drone. It DOES look like a little insect to me. I guess that if it had extra sensors in it, the body might be more bulky, maybe, from the additional hardware. The body of the Mavic 2, for example, is thick and bulky, compared to the svelt Anafi, but the Mavic has lots of extra circuitry-battery-sensors inside, of course. At, around 22:20, is the first time that I can see in the video that the name is pronounced correctly. It is a French company…correct pronunciation is "anna-fee", not the Americanized "an-nof-ee". I wonder if, likewise, being French, Parrot is pronounced "parro", instead of "parrot", like the bird. I don't know. One of the big selling points for me on the Anafi is its "quietness". Unfortunately, I have found, so far, only ONE video where the videographer will be quiet long enough for the viewer to actually hear the drone's sound. Instead, the videographer will drone on and on (pun intended) about how quiet the drone is, without letting the viewer actually hear the sound.

  2. I am a Part 107 pilot and have NO desire to do anything improper. Having said that, I am fed up with DJI and their "no fly" rigamarole. I want to take responsibility to fly when and where I want responsibly. If Parot has NO GEOFENCING RESTRICTIONS, I am getting rid of all my DJY equipment and buying theirs. Im I am I correct that there is no flight restrictions on the Parrot Anafi?

  3. 1) How does the WiFi range and stability compare to the Mavic Air in real world conditions, (houses, power lines, hills, etc.) not “perfect” open field for miles with nothing around.
    2) Does either the Air or Anafi, “frequency hop” inflight, to find the strongest signal (including between 2.4 and 5 Ghz)? This would be valuable if flying in an urban setting, where signal strength and interference can change rapidly.

  4. I’m amazed at how quiet it is!!! My Mavic Air is very loud (high pitch), my Mavic Platinum is quit, git rid of high pitch, this Anafi whispers!! $699, good price point too for a real fun machine…. I just duct taped my wallet shut to prevent me from opening it….lol

  5. Nice video, I agree with your enthusiasm on this new product. With that said, you didn't talk about the limitations.
    1. As US product it should have MPH/feet period, it should of not been released in the US until this was added! Parrot CS assures me they are working on a firmware update.
    2. The lack of adjustment for return to home height is crazy. As a landscape photographer I fly in the mountains and trees. Tree's are generally higher than 80ft. I prefer 100 feet for return to home.
    3. Maximum altitude should be unlimited, as stated in 2. Where I fly it's in uncontrolled airspace and totally safe. I have thousands of flights without incident.
    4. I do not get 25 minutes of flight time, closer to 20 minutes under the conditions I fly, but still adequate.

  6. 1/2.4" sensor is actually smaller than 1/2.3". But the difference us really academic. Overall excellent work on the review. Your channel is great.

  7. Let me say I really enjoy your reviews, I know it just came out and I just got mine, what would help tremendously is a complete walk thru of the FreeFlight 6 App, trying to maneuver around can be confusing. We would all benefit from your insight into all the functions to include Flight Plan and Follow Me in App Purchases and what they offer. Thanks

  8. Rick, great video and initial review! Extremely interesting little machine. Does Parrot incorporate the same type of Fly Safe Geo Zone Map restrictions that DJI uses? Depending on one's individual perspective, that issue could be a deal maker or breaker!


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