Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR Drone: Hands-On Review!


Parrot ANAFI ➜ ▻ SUBSCRIBE: Features: -4K HDR videos and 21MP photos -Unique 180º vertical tilt …


  1. pros:
    cheaper than i was expecting (was waiting around 900-1100)
    records really well, i was not expecting that image quality coming from this one.
    it have cool options to tweak (like others more expensive -and less expensive too-)

    i`ll be honest, this HDR look really forced.
    I mean, the grass looks like silly putty.
    without it looks way better, only loosing the brighter spot on matrix
    proprietary battery – that one would kill me.

  2. To me, the most telling part of this entire video is at 11:58 and it only lasts for 2 seconds, almost as an afterthought….namely, the close flyover of the paddling geese(ducks?) in the lake. The wild animals virtually ignore the drone, with only the last bird perking its neck, lazily, to take a look at the drone. I presume this close shot of wild animals was due to the quietness of the drone. I would buy this drone in an instant, for this quiet feature alone. But, I am a bad flier and I need some degree of optical avoidance, so I don't know if I should buy this or the louder Mavic 2 which has 6-axis optical avoidance. I wish Parrot would add a model with optical avoidance.

  3. I have few question about this drone.

    Hows the connection with the joystic? Is it stable?

    And when hovering is this drone stable?

    When bettry is low, Return to home mode also stable?


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