Optical Flow Sensor Deputy Camera / 720p HD Camera Drone LBLA S169


Get it here It is a foldable DJI Spark look a like wifi fpv camera quadcopter with one key to take off and land, headless mode, one key …


  1. Hello my friend, good video, I received one of this as a gift, but has no manual, so I don't have do app or the manual. Can you help me to find it? At least the app I need . Thanks

  2. Thanks for great tutorial vid. I have the Cooligg S169 version. What I want to know, is what does pushing down on the right joystick do??? It clicks like a button, and there's a beep. Nothing about this in the manual.

    Also wanted to mention that my manual DID NOT have the info for the APP!! No QR code or anything… Sooo, I scanned it from your video, and found it! :))
    For those who need, it is called "Hfun" in the play store, that's it.
    Many thanks.

  3. Fun fact: you should be do a poor man's "follow me" mode by putting it in a hover above your vehicle and then driving away at a low speed. The idea is you'll trick the optical flow sensor into thinking the roof of your vehicle is the ground. It should maintain it's relative position over your vehicle even after it starts moving.

  4. Looks familiar, it doesn't take bad still photos and the video quality seems decent. WHY DON'T THEY INCLUDE A 10$ WIFI EXTENDER BUILT INTO THE CONTROLLER!!!!! These quads would be vastly better with that simple addition. : )

  5. I really like how the remote control shuts off by folding that one arm. Never seen other ones like that. Excellent review / flight Pete!! 🙂

  6. Man, you're good at these reviews. This one was especially informative and entertaining. I have too many quads now but I really want one of these after watching it perform. 2018 was supposed to be the year of new GPS drones but I like the optical flow setup better. Thanks for all of work you but into this review.


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