One Week with the Mavic 2 Zoom – What I’ve Learned


This video answers some questions I’ve been asked since my last review of the Mavic 2 Zoom, and it also goes over some new things I’ve learn about the drone.


  1. Hi Ed, great video. You show a setting in the Remote Controller setting- that keeps your phone from being charged by the controller. Just want you to know that I am using an android phone, and did not see that setting. Called DJI cust serv and was told that issue has been escalated. They said that functionality is only on IOS devices at this time. On my phone the drain keeps the RC from running any length of time.

  2. thanks for your videos! they really help…..on focusing …someone was saying to set the focus to manual and push infinity button. Have you found this to be a good thing…i heard issues with autofocus….thanks

  3. Hi Ed
    i'm having problems with my mavic 2 pro,every time i plug my android phone to the controller, the phone starts to charge the RC .
    After watching your video tryed to change the settings in the controller as shown in your video but i haven't got the charging mode menu as shown
    in the video.Are you using a Apple phone?


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