OFFICIAL DJI Mavic Pro Drone Review – Is It Worth It?


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  1. A. You're the only reviewer I've heard who stated that the remote vibrates on alert. Great tip.
    B. Did I hear you correctly that you still have obstacle avoidance in Sport mode, provided that you fly below 22 mph?

  2. Nice made video! I fly Phantom 4 and Its the best drone I ever had my 4 drone. But now I will bay Mavic. Its the zize. I travell mutch and take some plaine. Therfore Mavic will be a dreame fore me. Not to take video camera With me on tour but drone. I was In Berlin fore 1 week ago. And In Januar I go to Barcelona. This mavic is fantastic and I understand that you are happy With it. Question from me:If you had to take Phantom 4 or Mavic whoo you take?. I know you have many drone. But If you had to take only one of this two. Mavic or Phantom 4?. Is quality of film same like on Phantom 4?.

  3. hi, bad news for me; on thanksgiving weekend I went to Miami to make some videos of south beach and right in the middle of filming the radio loss control of the inspire. after 30 minutes looking for the inspire someone told me they saw the drone dropped out the sky into a tree near by, they gave me my drone back but it all broken up and the inspire not even year old. im very sad right now my friend.


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