No Drones Allowed? ISO is fake? What's the deal with Wedding Photography?


In this episode we are soaring high with Drone Photography, getting romantic with Wedding Photography and and we’re going to debunk that ISO isn’t real.


  1. Great discussion. Some drone footage and B roll in general is fine but overuse sometimes leaves me with the impression it's a substitute for a lack of useful content; in fact I most often skip past it when it goes on too long. The privacy violation, safety, general nuisance and lack of common sense issues are another matter of course.

  2. You nailed what I felt about ISO. I notice that my camera getting warmer when I run high ISO and once in a great while I will get a hot pixel or two. So if it was processing after the image then why does it affect my sensor that way?

  3. I watch some of Tony's videos, but never trust his views as standalone. I often get the feeling he puts deliberately outrageous flaws in some videos to direct all kinds of traffic to his channel.
    BTW, according to Angry Photographer ISO is applied gain to exposure (i.e. technically not part of exposure at all), occurring post sensor, and not (as Adam alluded to) modulation of sensor sensitivity. He claims the third aspect to the exposure triangle is signal to noise ratio

  4. Hi guys
    Enjoyed the video, especially Phoney Northrup, his video on Steve McCurry was disgusting and lost loads of subscriptions.
    Keep up the good work. I used to do weddings 30 years ago, and had the privilege of knowing Denis Hylander a true artistic genius.
    He was comissioned throughout the world, he played with light not equipment.


  5. Great to see you guys getting together …3 of my fave you tubers…!!!! as for Tony N… ive unsubscribed to him now.. i'd rather watch paint dry & listen to him make sensational claims to get views

  6. Why are you sharing your thoughts on ISO if you don't even know that ISO-invariance exist. Your thought are meaningless and a waste of time for the others to watch. Your discussion about ISO was pretty embarrassing from a technical point of view – You have just proven your limited background. You shouldn't judge about Tony if you don't know what he was talking about. I am pretty disappointed since I followed your channel – Adams and Gary. I liked them so far. But the way you discuss things you obviously don't understand makes me angry.

  7. Great video guys keep it up. Sony Northrup is a professional merchant banker after his last video, about that Afghan girl.

    Right off base on ISO too may be he’s going through the manopause send him some primrose tablets.

  8. The fact that you used old tehnology to disprove ISO processing is lame. Modern cameras have ISO invariant sensors but you are not taking it into consideration. Yes, Tony did not mention it, but he was more right than you are. You are talking opinions without experience and knowledge of modern cameras which makes this talk more entertaining but bad and misleading for educational purposes. And ISO is not a part of exposure in digital photography!!! For you "no evidence"means you haven't done any research because there is a lot of evidence (dxomark for example).

  9. I've listened to all of these on Google podcast but never knew where to comment so I'm commenting here. I love these! I'm actually looking forward to each release. It's great that you all have sensible differing views. Keep up the great work guys!

  10. Finally caught up on all the podcasts over last couple of days, when I heard you were doing this collaboration I was excited and I am not disappointed. For someone living in London not getting out as much as would like this further whets my appetite and makes me want to get out there. Perfect combination of subjects and timings that keep the interest throughout. Keep it up gents!

  11. I have watched your individual channels and usually enjoy the content, but this episode of Photo Nerds was so wrong in many ways, I have had to comment. I think you have got the Tony Northrup ISO argument completely wrong. Yes Tony does get his sums wrong now and then, but I think the point he was making was – ISO in digital cameras is no longer a standard in the same way that ASA in film cameras was a standard setting that you applied considering the film that you had put in your camera. The ISO setting in digital cameras is just another setting to change the exposure, not a standard. ASA and ISO were organisations that set standards not the name of a camera setting.
    As for drones, I for one do not want to go out to a national park, up a lakeland fell or seaside walk and have to put up with some "YouTuber" or some selfish "keen photographer" buzzing me with a over sized, noisy toy just so they can get a bit a B roll or a photo for Instagram. You all stated that the sensors on these drones are not yet really up to good stills photography anyway.
    If you are going to allow people to fly a device in a public place you should be registered, as Paul, said they could badly injure someone if they hit them with the drone. I would suggest that most of the people who fly drones DO NOT know the regulations/restrictions that apply to flying drones, especially when they see people on YouTube and other online video casually flying their devices all over the countryside.

  12. Gents, must congratulate you on these podvlogs. 4 episodes in and looking forward to the next one already. Its quite refreshing listening to 3 points of view without a spat or condemnation. Maybe for future episodes, how about a guest speaker. For instance, on the subject of film and digital users. Lots of reasons why you use digital, but no thoughts on why some use film. A film user could balance the topic. Lots of reasons why some use Drones, but no one to say why they dont, etc. Cheers, Diz

  13. Hi Guys, another enjoyable vlog. I think the new point of view is better but suggest removing the chairs/mirrors to the right out of shot as I found myself looking at them several times during the video. I would also suggest putting the coke in a glass/cup as the red can draws your eye (also I don’t know if you would be classed as adverting that brand if it is in every video). I also enjoyed each of your takes on the subject matter:

    – Weddings : I have been asked to do a few weddings, but I have never been brave enough as if it goes you can not re-live the day again. I also think that it might overtake some quality time with my young family due to mostly working weekends.

    – Drones: I have recently purchased a mavic pro to get some unique perspectives. I have also tried some b-roll clips for when I eventually try to put together my first vlog. I have no defined plans yet though as I cannot justify the extra subscription cost for Premier Pro on top of my current Lightroom/Photoshop subscription. Too be honest, I currently have my Drone up for sale as I am saving for a photography trip to Iceland for my 40th.

    Keep up the good work on the vlogs/podcasts. I enjoy the regular weekly listen on my journey to work.

  14. Another enjoyable podcast. Drones arent allowed within 5km of airports (from 13th March), on Exmoor, Dartmoor and the Peak District, plus lots of other places. The National Trust just dont like drones full stop. I know that they have asked people who have published videos of drone footage over NT properties to take them down citing the bylaws – interesting to hear what the fine is.


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