No Drone Aerial Photography


How to shoot aerials without a drone using elevated photography gear. Additional details are in my latest book at:


  1. Hi Nathan. The big Manfrottoi is great. I got one from a friend – no model number on it, but it looks identical to yours, but with only one adjustable leg for levelling. But that’s OK – I just guess the level of the ground and use the one adjustable foot to level it with a bubble. It’s pretty quick. It does weigh a ton, though. I use a monopod head on top which allows up and down tilt without the risk of sideways tilt. Also a Camranger, of course. I do teather the camera to the tripod as well, just in case. Never had a failure yet. Drone laws in Australia are still evolving and there is a lot of misinformation and a lot of cowboys out there claiming  what they can do. Happy to keep doing it this way. Have tried video pans as well. Not perfect because of flexing of the pole, but usually get good footage from a few attempts.  Love the new book too – I have all three.


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