News, Booze & Reviews 25: D810, D610, Drone Flashes, & Photo Reviews!


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  1. Love your videos, very informative as well as humorous. Question Im not a twitter used but joined to follow you. Im interested in your review of the D610 but cant seem to find it. Could you direct me to its location ?

  2. Drone lights – modifiers are gonna be a aero dynamics problem.

    TTL may be an issue as well as a gust of wind may blow the drone a meter or two from where it was between the TTL and actual flash, flash.

    I have a notion of a partial solution for most situations in mind but I don't want to put it out her yet.

  3. Please Tony get Chelsea a laptop instead of making her stretch her neck all the time looking at your monitor. She could also hide her glass of wine behind it as a bonus 🙂

    I'm a recently new viewer and I really enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work.

  4. Tony, I'm on Reddit and you know as a former MS / IT man there are trolls on the internet. See it as free promotion and raising awareness for your site. Its difficult to create content so respect to you and Chelsea for that. People complain about the ad drops but you're providing content for free. Go and look up the drama with a channel called /DRIVE who are now charging for videos, huge drama, unsubscribers and angry fans who contribute to their large fan base. So if you need to drop Squarespace, do it. You're the content creator so it's your rights and the upside is we get all these awesome videos free. If people want quality content without ads just pure focus on photographer, there is your DVD / Bluray collection. Keep on doing it and I love the news, booze and reviews. It's unique and adds character to the videos as it also shows a more human side. PS: Nikon awaits… Come on over to the dark side. Haha. You won't be sorry.

  5. I get tired of photographers who make blanket statements about certain techniques.  Scott Kelby is the king of putting down HDR and Selective Color.  Over processed HDR looks bad…more like a painting than a photograph.  HDR absolutely still has its place if done right.  Mark Wallace showed a good example of the inside of a church with "good" HDR.  And Selective Color is personal preference.  Scott Kelby, Ken Rockwell, and Jared Polin feel the need to belittle people and the world for personal taste.  It's beyond annoying.  I like to follow people and photographers who just do what they love, and stop criticizing everyone else.

  6. Congrats on the "most influential photographer" vote….but I really wish Ken Rockwell would go away.  I think he gives awful advice, reviews and has a terrible attitude.  He is not good for teaching amateurs, and no one with any knowledge listens to him.  So, unfortunately, the people that need the most help (amateurs), listen to his crap.


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