New UPAir One OSD FPV GPS Long Range Explorer Drone Flight Test Review


This GPS FPV explorer has plenty of special features including FPV, on screen display (OSD), high resolution 7″ monitor, two axis gimbal, 2K or 4K camera.


  1. Hi, I have been following your videos on quad reviews. I am considering getting my first quad for fun but not serious fpv or video shooting. Based on your reviews I have homed on to UPair and Hubsan 501s. Can you help me home on to one of these.

  2. Lots of other people have issues and crashes fpv problems camera problems. But you don't seem to have any problems you fly with ease. So I bought this will receive tomorrow and let you how the flight went

  3. hey man idk much about drones n there's so many different ones out there with so many different features. I want one that I can fly to my friends house and back and also one with a cam so I can see wea I'm going. on top of that I would like the cheapest most reliable one. is there any recommendations you could give me?

  4. Right now I have a wltoys q303s but its a little bit hard to fly because it doesn't have GPS and to put the altitude hold i have to raise it higher and the throttle is very sensible, that quadcopter you need to fly it in a very open place so you don't have obstacles or roofs like in my backyard its a little hard, I had a lidirc15 and it was more stable it had altitude hold, that's why I need a very stable quadcopter with GPS, there is a lot of quadcopter but you have to buy a brand that is trustable and good quality just a few has gps and I don't want to spend more than 300 usd

  5. So you recommend the up air instedad? The price difference its in bangoood hubsan h501s versus upair one its the half although hubsan its very nice company too right the come home on upair one its accurate as the hubsan? The only disadvantage of upair one its that the battery is a little bit expensive than hubsans and if it falls its a lot. Heavier the up air, im thinking on what decision to make thank you greetings friend

  6. Hello quadcopter 101, congrats to you i like all your videos they are so and they inform very good, hey listen I have a question about the upair one, I've seen a lot of good comments about this quad, but also I've seen very bad comments about problems about it, but I think its about luck isn't ? Sometimes it could happen to someone that it could come with some deffect, I also like the hubsan h501s cause I like GPS quads, which one is better this one or hubsan, thank you friend, your friend from mexico

  7. So the only wrong thing that the manual says is the transmitter on/off position. right ?

    please reply cause I've ordered this drone and I don't want to have problems cause of the introductions!! btw it's my first big drone.

  8. i have a upair one 2K. got it about a yr ago but only did a couple flights and got into another quad. decided to get it back out and fly. my original problem and still have it, is with the screen. 1st i had to freq match it for a better screen. the other thing is that i get the info display while flying, but do not get the totals screen after landing. i waited for a long time to see if that screen would come up and it never did. it would also be nice if i could get the dist, altitude in feet not meters. is there a way to change that?
    not sure how i can adjust the camera or gimbal like you said, but the gimbal does work up/down just fine. it is a nice flyer, holds pposit and alt spot on. i get 17-10 sats all the time here in AL coast. . maybe the software for my screen is not tight so it doesn tgive me the total data. as a flyer it is great, not so sure about the camera and screen tho.

  9. It looks easy enough to use. I am researching to buy my dad an introductory blue sky capable drone. I've sent him a handful of quadcopters, with the Syma x8sw as the simple quadcopter flagship, and the Parrot ar 2.0 as the most "drone-like". I myself also have an x8 and ar 2.0, and only fly right in front of me. I am hoping to send my Dad a good step up towards real drones, that is easier to use, offers a bit of blue-sky capability, and is a generally valueable training tool. I will probably consider a pretty good phantom rig as a "real drone", but by the time the pilot is equipped with phantom blue-sky filming/photography capability, it must be triple or more the price of this copter set. ?? How would you, (quadcopter 101) feel about this copter as a step between the x8 and the phantom complete setup rig?

  10. For the money, it's dam well worth every penny !. Best of all it has wide range of camera controls , long flight time , extra long range transmitter,w800 meters flying distance, & much, much, more! The one thing it don't have is, VR compatible , if so, I give it a 5 star!

  11. I think it's a great Drone…I had the dji-phantom-3…hated it..returned it.
    Also had the Upaironeplus-4.k..couldn't get to run,also had to many little extra's to try to get it to run.
    Got the UpairONE-2.7K…Wow..easy to get it to go….So far so good..LOOK FOR MORE POSTS …


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