NEW FPV House Racer – RISE Vusion 125 RTF Quad Race Drone Pack FULL REVIEW – TheRcSaylors


Buy the RTF RISE Vusion House Racer Here – Buy the BNF Version Here –


  1. Hahaha, Yep, This I would guess is for people with 5 and 8 thousand sqft homes, If they want to call it that. Man, You guys had me LMAO It looks like you actually broke a sweat.

  2. I hijacked my Dads tablet and I know this is a older video But I really enjoy the channel watch it everyday looking at the reviews and for as in this video the entertainment value Yall are great House racer. Oh Lord lol I got a kick outa that I kept wondering if or when one of yall was gonna just start throwing the lil quads around the course yall had me tickled laughing The way yall had to keep running to upright ur quads They could of also named it 15 min cardio with quads Yall have a good1 GOD BLESS

  3. I bought just the house racer today and linked it to my vision 250 goggles and remote and tried to fly it inside and I thought that it was too big to fly inside and also when it's tight there is no room for error, once I started ping ponging I couldn't stop it, but I think it will go quite well with FPV in the yard flying around trees and bushes so I'll try that tomorrow.

  4. Hey Sailor, I'm at my house trying to fly YOUR House Racer with my own long distance controller……can you feel anything? It should at least be pulsating right now…….over….


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