NEW DRONE! DJI Phantom 4 Advanced+


Should you buy the Phantom 4 Advanced or the Phantom 4 Pro? We review them! Should you get one of the PLUS (+) models with the integrated display or just …


  1. Hello T&C, thanks for this video. I am actually looking for a new drone and was also watching your videos about the Phantom 4 pro. I mentioned some horrible red lens flares shooting with the P4pro direct into the sun. Has the P4A the same issue like the P4pro?
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Tony,
    What drone configuration would you consider if you planned on using the Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses. I really love the heads-up display on my Phantom 4.
    BTW, I really appreciate all your and Chelsea's insight.

  3. Is the codec (video quality) any better on the P4 Pro and Advanced than on the Phantom 4? Seems the P4 video "pulses" which I assume is a bitrate/keyframe issue. Wondering if this is improved on these newer models.

  4. I do have one suggestion, don't partner your videos together so they auto-play! I was writing my thoughts and it jumped to the next video SUPER ANNOYING!!!! OH btw, get the P4Pro Plus, it boots up and is ready faster with the built in screen. The DJI screen is sharp and easy to see in the sun without a shroud. Thanks bye! Typing fast so it doesn't cut out AGAIN!!!

  5. Tony great videos as always… FYI I had to downgrade from the 4k version of this video as it constantly buffered. I'm on comcast fastest connection, speed test just clocked me at 114MBps and the 4k was unwatchable… (buffer, video quality is obviously great). Are you finding infrastructure limitations of 4k having you downgrade vids? or are few people noticing as youtube downgrades for them depending on speed…. Makes me not at all excited about 4k as a consumer

  6. All these people trying to fathom why DJI produced this…. It's easy to work out ffs! What to do with all the Phantom 4 bodies left over that no one is buying now? Oh, lets add the camera and circuitry from the pro and call it an Advanced! They did it last round as well remember… Simples…

  7. Tony, I was really wondering with those attached screens, you are sold to use only the DJI GO4 software. What can you do if you want to use (like me) apps like Autopilot, Hangar 360 or maybe even Litchi


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