NEW DJI Drone/Camera coming NEXT WEEK!


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  1. Zenmuse With Lens $3,998. Add in a Inspire 2 for $5,499 and a Crystal Sky monitor your at $10,346. Way outta every pilots range that I know of. Plus this shoots in 6K – what TV can play 6K or what computer can process it ?

  2. What do all people want on there houses, an not have a electric bill? Solar on a drone. Dnt have to charge batterys during the daytime. It can be done. Mold it into the body on top of the drone…..

  3. I think it is a new high end camera system, maybe called X7. It has bigger sensor, maybe full-frame or even medium format like Hasselblad. And of course, it should be suitable for both drone and new OSMO. Yes, DJI will also release the new OSMO.


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