New AR.Drone 2.0: introducing Absolute Control Mode


Official website: The AR.Drone 2.0 is at the crossroads where high-tech meets Icarus dream. Fly like a bird. View the earth from high …


  1. I got one of these (Parrot 2.0)brand new and it has never hovered correctly indoors or out. I have reset, unloaded, reloaded, battery removal, reset button, different remote, updates, some Wiccan Magic, and every other random forum ideas try. It also refuses to stop recording, and randomly says angle error. Very frustrating. This is not a new design

  2. My Drone is one day old and the control features appear to have already failed. If you are looking to purchase this toy with the hopes that it will last for more than a few flights, then you should first download the app for IPAD.  Then read all the disappointed owners spending countless hours trying to calibrate or repair their drones after the first few flights.  

  3. Os AR Drone 2.0 estão ganhando o mundo e popularidade. Porque então não fornecer vídeos em outros idiomas no YouTube. Particularmente em Portugues (Brasil) no meu caso. Porém o vídeo ,fora o idioma e muito bom .

  4. This review is from: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter – Wifi – Free App iOS & Android – Record HD 720p movies – Sand (Electronics)
    Upon opening this for the first time and installing their Android app I was unable to use either of the attached video cameras. The app only displays a "Video Connection Alert" error but gives absolutely no indication as to how to diagnose the problem. Doing some internet searching has also yielded very little in the way of help. It seems your either get one that works or you're stuck with one such as mine. Many people suggested replacing the lower hull of the drone which is unbelievable advice considering this is a brand new $300 item which I would expect to work without having to replace parts. Now on to the actual flying of the drone. The second it takes off it veers in whichever direction is sees fit. The Android application seems to offer almost nothing in the way of control over the drone. Every press of the screen seems to cause the drone to move in another completely unwanted direction inevitably crashing violently and leading to the need to buy replacement parts. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ITEM. There are plenty of cheap alternatives which offer just as much fun at 1/10 of the price with and actual working rc remote and you won't feel nearly as bad that you wasted $300 on this piece of junk.

  5. Sound to me you guys need to get out the bugs and get your customer service together it looks like a good product but this is just bad for business I will be watching these comments so I can make my mind up to take that dive.

  6. This review is from: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices -Orange/Blue (Electronics)
    What the heck! I was loving this toy. I had gotten very good at controlling the drone, up/down/back/forth. I could flip it, run it through hoops, do everything! No problems. But this afternoon — a beautiful, windless spring day — my drone just up and flew away. Quickly. I was flying it around for a few minutes and landed. When I took off again, the drone shot straight up, above tree level. I hit emergency. The drone hesitated, then accelerated up and away. I hit land. Again, the drone hesitated, then headed west at a faster pace than I've ever seen it go. In a matter of minutes — with me madly chasing it down the block — she climbed out of sight. I walked around every block, alley and backyard — looked in every tree and on every roof — but the drone is gone.

    What's up with that? I'm an experience RC pilot, and had dozens of good flights with my AR Drone. This is some kind of very bizarre software issue. I checked the web and, apparently, I'm far from alone. Fly-aways aren't uncommon at all. This is a very bad glitch and must be fixed. Unless Parrot sends me a replacement, I'm out $300 and not a happy camper.

  7. This review is from: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices -Orange/Blue (Electronics)
    Customer Service:
    I have read the reviews on this product at Amazon but purchased Parrot Drone 2.0 from a local retailer. I wanted an actual demo before I bought the item and I was very impressed with it. I purchased this in early July 2012 and in less than 1 week, the plastic sticker/decals started to seperate from the styrofoam body and hull. I contacted Parrot Drone customer service and explained to them the defects and waited for their response. The customer service rep took notes and informed me they would contact me after he brought this up to his management. So I waited and waited and waited. After 2 weeks I received an email with a ticket ID requesting pictures. I responded by the next day and then the waiting started again. I emailed them after 1 1/2 weeks and was informed that they did not receive any pictures. So, a quick email back with their request and I'm back to the waiting game. At this point in time, I seriously doubt their commitment to the customer after the sale. The local retailer informed me that once the item left the store, the manufacturer will be responsible for any issues/warranty. So…BUYER BEWARE. Expect very little customer service support. This experience is similar to the type of buying experience one can encounter after purchasing a new car from a stealership. All the support you want to see before the sale, but just an afterthought after they have your money.

    As of this time my ticket (#HTG-419675) from Parrot Support is still open and I have yet to receive any replies.

    Comments about the drone:
    The free software that is downloadable will only connect using my Ipad. I've tried it on my Samsung Galaxy Note, iPod Touch 5th gen. and an HTC One X with no success. There are other apps available at an additional cost, but I've already paid for this feature and Parrot Drone should be working these issues if they advertise it as part of their product. Expect hit or miss on your mobile device in regards to connection to the drone.

    The actual drone itself is a blast to operate. I've already purchased 2 additional batteries from an online hobby store at the price of what Parrot Drone sells one battery. Note that if you go that route, make sure you have the CORRECT charger for your battery. There are alternatives out there that will fit and have better capacity. Now if I can figure out how what adhesive to use to keep the plastic reinforcement/decals to stay on the hulls/bodies.

    If another company offered a similar product like this and their customer support has good reviews, I would purchase a product from them. I WOULD NOT BUY ONE FROM THIS COMPANY and recommend you do your research before making your decision.

  8. This review is from: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices -Orange/Blue (Electronics)
    I've had this new drone for a couple weeks now (I preordered from Brookstone).

    Although the helicopter is an improvement on version 1, and is still one of the great iOS accessories, there are a few things worth pointing out:

    – Currently, the USB recording is completely broken. 9/10 USB drives I've tried don't work. Customer service tried to blame it on Sandisk, but most of the cards I tried weren't SanDisk, and most don't work AT ALL (even after reformatting). Customer service was terrible in dealing with the issue, blaming me, the drives, etc — in short blaming everyone but themselves. Numerous people are having the same issues, as evidenced by their forums. They started deleting my posts and product reviews on Brookstone in order to cover up the problem. As it currently stands, the USB implementation in the AR.Drone v2 IS BROKEN. Don't buy it until it's fixed.

    – Many of the advertised features of Drone v.2 don't exist. Customer service claims that they will decide whether to include those features based on 'returns.' Personally, I think it's reprehensible to advertise features, not include them, and then consider maybe developing them in the future based on 'returns.' Advertised features like the movie recording modes, (traveling, etc), do not exist. Customer service claims that it isn't false advertising because they've thought about including those modes.

    – Considering it's a new drone, they should have developed a battery pack with more capacity. The battery has the same capacity as the old one, which is disappointing.

    – The forward facing camera is sort of useless for recording (if you can get recording to work), because it's not angled. An angle of just 20 degrees would make recordings much much better.

    – The downward facing camera is of worse quality than Drone v.1

    + The video streaming is of noticeably better quality than version 1

    + The new altimeter works much better than version one, but as mentioned above, the angle of the forward facing camera makes recording from height sort of pointless (unless you want to see the horizon)


    ** DO NOT BUY the AR Drone. Buy the DJI Phantom instead (here on Amazon). The Phantom range is ridiculous (1/2 mile), the video quality is MUCH better (using a GoPro), and the drone chassis is SIGNIFICANTLY more durable. I gave away my AR Drone to some kid who was watching me fly my DJI Phantom. I'm not kidding. The AR Drone is junk, the customer service is terrible, the range is meager, the video quality BLOWS, and the features are few and far between. Aside from controlling it with your iOS device, I have no idea why anyone would buy it. It can't even hold its own position via GPS. If you are reading this, buy a DJI Phantom on Amazon. It's WAAAAAY better, the range is SIGNIFICANTLY farther, the video quality is INSANELY better, and the build quality isn't even close. DO NOT BUY the AR Drone. I have no stake in either company, I own 7 drones, and the AR Drone is a piece of junk, and their customer service blows (they banned me for giving them productive feedback on their issues). The DJI Phantom is a workhorse, and makes the AR Drone look like the toy that it is. Buy the Phantom here on Amazon, and never look back. The AR Drone is junk. **

  9. *Weirdsville29 Did you try to "reset" your Ar.Drone? You just need to remove the battery and there's the button. Look again if there is an update available for your Drone. You still can go in the AR.Drone Forums on Internet and see if someone had the same problem and if it have been solved.

  10. Is there anyone else who has had the same problem as me that could help me please? I got the AR Drone today for my 30th and it's really pissing me off. I have had a proper proper dog shit day because of it to be honest.

    It's basically saying there's an error inside or outside all the time. When I take off, it just hovers for a second or two about 75cm off the ground and then falls down. Sometimes i can slam my finger on forward and it WILL go forward for the second or so (whilst it's aloft)

  11. GET THE GPS FLIGHT RECODERsorry caps check it on there website i hope to be posting my flights even absolute control suck in the wind at 5knts it hard to fly im a new be as well

  12. Absolute Control is not available on the apple devices. It is available on the other devices. Problem is you cant see your phones screen in the sun so you might as well be blind. I have tried polarized sunglasses to no avail. I wonder wtf I am going to do know since I am a beginner and seem to only be able to fly this thing with absolute control. Any ideas would be welcome…

  13. What are all of y'all talking about? Apart from charging the battery I setup the drone I bought yesterday within minutes; no upgrades, no updates, the drone is piss easy to control (though I did break the indoor hull) and I have all the settings advertised (flip, absolute control, etc.)

  14. Just got he drone and like others spent many hours trying to figure out why there was absolute control mode.
    This company sounds like they are very advanced and very inept at the same time.
    Not happy.

  15. I am sure (Parrot) that a PLETHORA of folks out there are very pissed off right now.

    Don't be surprised when you land a class-action lawsuit.

    I'm returning it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else with me here?

  16. What a dumb comment this is. Really. I'm not surprised you don't GET what the fuss is about. The fact you don't get it doesn't change the reality, does it ? People buy products based on the advertised features. Pulling features from products *AFTER* the purchase is simply not fair for the customer, and represents a breach of contract. It does'n matter if you GET IT or not.

  17. I don't get what all the fuss is about, so what absolute control has been pulled. Now people have to learn how to be skillful and use their minds to navigate safely. If you cant control it without it, then maybe drone piloting is not for you. Sure I've had some very close calls and i'm surprised i still own my AR drone today but you learn from your mistakes and don't push your drone to its limits and learn to be a better pilot without having a "dummy" mode. Keep up the good work parrot!

  18. The most stupid and treacherous move done by the manufacturers of AR Drone has been the silent removal of absolute control. What a drone it WAS! Now I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. Never seen such a thing before! Their site is mute on any explanations, as if "absolute control" had never existed.


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