Seems like a nice package for a kid or beginner looking for a nice race inspired quadcopter. I really like the design of this quad. But I was disappointed with the yaw on this one as it seems…


  1. First off I love air hog products I actually bought this from a lady brand new for 10 bucks. Got it home and change it and learned how to fly it. After learning on it for several weeks I've found that the yaw is horrible so I did some mods. I took off all the foam, took the cover off drone and put antenna through body. It runs better now but the yaw is very slow ,if it weren't for this drone I wouldn't have 5 drones sitting on my shop desk. This is the perfect drone for just starting out you will either love it or absolutely hate it the first time you fly. There is no in between

  2. 5 year old loves it. Foam peices broke off thr first charge/flights. Had to trim the foam to make it fly correct again. Makes it fly with using alot less throttle & still hold up to the same abuse. Longrr flight time. Pretty happy with it after the mod/fix. Only indoor flying(vaulted ceiling).

  3. bought one for my daughter and it was exactly the same, yaw input didn't work at all and felt like was fighting the wind when there wasn't any at all. pretty gutted actually cos 70 pound is a lot of money for something that doesn't really work. I don't think you can learn to fly with this because of these issues. going to give her my rtf blade inductrix instead, that's definitely a much better starter quad for similar money.

  4. It is designed for indoor use. I fly mine indoors and the yaw is slow, yet predictable. Don't review a product while operating it outside of it's design parameters and then complain about it's performance. For a $30 toy, its pretty fun.

  5. You are not mistaken my friend the quadcopter does funky things all the time sometimes even dies in midair. it needs a better flight board to be truly successful. I find that the longer there's directional input the worse it gets. but once you learn to fly around it's quarks it gets better


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