Nano Tornado Camera Drone: World’s Safest Drone


Unlike other drones on the market, the Nano Tornado flyer is built around ducted fan technology. It doesn’t have exposed spinning parts, which means there are …


  1. sounds like those motors run a gear wheel, so cheap shit that belongs in a toy store.
    And the dude spend about 1,5 minute to explain the things other drones also can do,
    so he must be thinking that we are all stuppid.

  2. I don't understand when it said that people can through drones but not safely catch them. I catch mine (Grabbing it where the the blades are). I even do it safely and have not been hurt.

  3. My high school classmate can make one like this only using a 3D printer with some FC boards and codes. If someone ever flied a drone, he or she would know the ducked fan with propellers means more than safety. P.S. Other drones can also launch from hands as well.


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