My Travel Camera Equipment – What I Use To Film


I get this question so frequently. What camera equipment do I use for vlogging? What camera gear do I bring to travel? So I made you an updated video. Or email …


  1. Excellent man, did you use all this stuff for your last travel video you made? keep thinking about if I should go get the crane 2 a store has one for sale down the road for 622 USD and Iโ€™m so tempted but donโ€™t know if it will get used much!

  2. Awesome vid! I have recently bought a gimbal to up my game for cinematic and to try it out as i hv been using handheld + canon whch doesnt have inbody stablization. This has limit my movement of shots. Although it is an extra gear i feel like it might be worth it esp looking at your cinematic footage. Again awesome vid bro!

  3. Gday! I'm a half Filipino travel vlogger who cant speak tagalog.. but I'm planning to come to PH this year and learn what it's like to be 100% FILIPINO! Kabayan! I was wondering what are the best beaches/mountains to discover in PH? #RoadToPinas!

  4. Awesome video Raymond! I'm at the point you were a couple years ago with your equipment, a DSLR and a point and shoot. Your past videos inspired me that storytelling and will is all i need to create good content. Keep it up mah dude!


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