My First Time Flying a Drone and Tips for Drone Beginners


My Very First Time Flying a Drone! I’ll show what my first drone flight was like and give you some Drone Flying Tips and Advice. Thanks to for …


  1. Very useful video. Altitude-hold + GPS-equipped drones, like Phantom, are actually much easier and safer to fly as long as you know the dos and the don'ts. But I agree with you, you'll be a much better first-time Phantom pilot if you already peactice the maneuver with cheaper drones.

    I usually recommend my first-timer friends to get GPS drones straight away just because some of them got frustrated by difficulties of flying a non-GPS drones and lost interest on drones entirely.

  2. thank you so much, I am a very amateur videographer and want a medium price quad but have very limited experience. So I just bought a micro quad from Radio Shack since they are going out of business and am trying my hand at that first. Thank you for the encouragement and also saying it took you a few trys. I think right now I'm trying to get the trim right so it will come staight up and hover and as you said get a feel for it and react correctly

  3. Now you are on a subject I know something about. Try the small Blade Inductrix. You can fly it so easily because it is very stable and small enough to fly in the house. Very pretty lights on the this little quad too. Practice using the yaw control more and flying in a circle.

  4. Larger isn't necessary better for Balance. Drones with 6 or 8 blades offer more stability. Also, GPS modules can help to keep the drone in place and help balance out winds and stuff. Additionally if you want to go pro video wise, then you will want to add a Gimbal to the setup. You might find more examples using my drones on my personal channel.

  5. Well, Roberto … thumbs up. I would suggest everyone to buy a cheap drone like that one in order to learn how to fly. Especially when you start flying with the nose of the drone towards you. That's when it gets tough (left becomes right / right becomes left, …). I have learned that way, and then bought a DJI Phantom (the very first one). By now I have a custom build Sky Hero. I did shoot some stuff with it (professionally)

    But thumbs up on suggesting to start with something you feel comfortable crashing and breaking. Other suggestions on cheap ones are the Parrot BeBop and similar cheaper versions.

  6. I want to get a drone at some point like a dji pantom 3 as well for nice filmmaking and vlogging footage, (once I have some spare money for it or the price goes down more from $500) However, I feel like it's much simpler to fly in comparison to the cheaper ones. Now I've never flown one but there's so many more sensors and auto-flight features.

  7. I did the same thing. Picked up a $50 drone and flew it for a little while. I just picked up a DJI Phantom 3 Standard yesterday and it's amazing how much easier it is to fly. Out of the box I had it above the tree tops ripping around and when I stop it hovers in place unlike the cheaper drone. I was going to pickup the Phantom 4, but chickened out since we spend a lot of time around water. Once I get comfortable with the DJI controls I'll likely upgrade. Have fun flying!

  8. If your looking to get into drones this is the perfect starter. Learn the fundamentals with something like this, upgrade to nicer phantoms, and 250 class drones later on. Great video by the way!!

  9. I've played with those drones and it does take a lot of practice. it practically has an anything goes control that compared to the DJI's, the Phantom does it for you, which I think is why it costs so much.

    I'm planning on picking up the DJI 3 1080p version soon. I feel I graduated to that level, lol. idk about getting the 4k versions yet tho, that's like pro of pros status.

  10. Awesome video Roberto, I am actually working on my own eccomerce website here in the UK that will sell drones, rc cars, boats and robots. Maybe when I'm established we can collab like you have with getadrone!

  11. A larger drone will give you an experience more like what you'll have with the Phantom or Yuneec Q500, especially if you get one that has altitude hold and GPS. Learning the stick basics with a basic quad like the Dromida you're now flying is a great idea though.

  12. Jumping up to get out of a tree – that would be me too – lol. I have been researching drones and some laws are changing this month that could require adjustments for those using one commercially.

  13. flying the drone isn't that hard, its the capturing useful video that throws it into another gear. the challenge shows up when you have to go back and forth between the onboard camera display and the line of sight view which may cause you to miss birds, power lines,  trees etc. cant wait to see Roberto with the drone and boosted board intact


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