My Favorite Quad //Diatone 2018, Racerstar Star F4s, T-Motor f60 V3 // FPV Footage


Diatone 2018


  1. Man you know what would be cool is a purchase all button.

    I just picked up what that was gonna ve something new for a micro build but ecen though they are 20×20 they are too fat for a micro. Airbot omnibus nano v5 with BEC AND ORI32 4-1 escs. So thinking 3" to a lite 5" build.

  2. nice setup, good flight, but dude power is not eveything, your throttle managnement is for my type much to agressive, just my opinion, besides this try change your flying location…=)

  3. I think the soft aluminium makes the frame crap.
    My opinion is that soft aluminium and garbage CF has no place in the hobby progressing forwards.
    In other words it must be performant and strong.

    I think its the other components that makes this build nice.
    Try transferring the components onto another frame and see if its still awesome.

  4. which vtx are you using? Are you using telemetry to change the channel of the vtx? If you do, how do you do it? I have recently bought a tatto f4s board and I don't know where to put the smartaudio and smartport

  5. Dude, have you used this all in one? (Cicada AIO Flight Controller (F4, 30×4 BLHeli_S DSHOT ESC, OSD, PDB w/BEC, Current Sensor) If so, How does it compare to the Racestar f4s/f3s that you have been recommending?

  6. Found the same after doing a recent build I can only out it down to the hardware and software every thing is in perfect sync ….awesome no it actually feels like the sim …on rails brings a whole new meaning

  7. That thing is fast! But one question, the Racerstar Star F4s is rated for 30 amps and the T-Motor F60 v3 2500KV will take 46,85 Amps on 100% throttle. Around 80% throttle they already take 30 Apms. Aren't you going to fry your ESC's with these motors?

  8. I had the same issue with the screw holes stripping on the antenna mount on my Realacc Purple Anniversary frame. Solution: use much longer screws on each side that almost meet in the middle… and Loctite

  9. BTW, I'm going to make a 2.5" quad and I'm thinking of using that camera. What you think would be the best vtx in that case? Because it would have to be really small, right? (I already bought the frame and it's the Leader 120 frame from Gearbest.) Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I'm a lot curious about how it performs on another frame. A lot of people seem to appreciate the Kopis but components doesn't seem to be so different from other quads. Same about your build, you've tested the F4 AIO many times and this times it performs better. Motors+FC (+props) combination? I have a bfight and a wizard 220 frame with racestar 2306S 2400kv and dys F4 FC. Bfight flies so much better and I cannot understand why. playing with the pids but the frame seems to be the cause. I think I'll buy another frame so that I can test it.

  11. How about reaching out to community and see if anyone can design a pod to protect the aluminum. Or see if someone can cnc a better top cage. Myself I have a love/hate thing with Diatone. When they put the effort it works, but quality control has burned me so bad on many a items. That I just avoid them! It a fact I have to shell out so much and don't get anything to work just piss's my off. Or you gotta spend hell of a lot more to make it fly. That's why I now build my birds now, because if it don't fly it's in how I put it together. Or I wasn't paying attention and screwed it up.


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