My Camera Collection! Drone, SLR, Vlog, GoPro | irenesarah


Full List of Products: | I filmed this while I was in Mexico but I’m in London now lol! Enter to win a free trip at…


  1. I love this video and it is a breath of fresh air to know that I am not the only other person walking around with so many bags because of the equipment that I take with me on vacation lol. I am a filmmaker and many of the items you have I also have and then you have some that I definitely want to invest in (like the drone) and get so when I travel its a lot easier for me. I am happy you posted this video and will take a look at your blog so I can find out where you bought some of the other things you showed and did not show :). You're awesome thank you!

  2. Irene! You are so knowledgable about cameras. What camera would you recommend for someone who loves taking pictures of nature. I go star gazing a lot and want to capture beautiful pictures of the sky.


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