Must-buy accessory for your DJI Mavic Pro drone… plus a rant about ND filters on amazon


Landing gear is a must for your DJI Mavic Pro. Here’s a link to mine: UK / US: One major weakness of the Mavic is how low it sits on the ground….


  1. Digging my Freewell filters, put it on, and never worry, way better then polar pro, do not have to take off ! Also bought the same landing gear you shared, it's great. Been flying now a few weeks with them all, and no issues!

  2. Nice intro clip on the fields! I also use the very same landing gear extension set. I have the original DJI ND filters ordered but haven't received them yet. They seem to be the lightest and thinnest so far. I personally like the DJI ND Filters better than others like PolarPro by the picture they produce, I've tested both brands (DJI and PolarPro) on the Phantom 4 and somehow prefer the DJI ones.

  3. I purchased a set of TACO-RC Snap on ND filters 5-pack on Amazon and they seem pretty good… having said that I have the PolarPro Cinema series on backorder which are the ones I really want

  4. Just received the newly redesigned PolarPro filters for my Mavic. they fit perfectly, and can be put on prior to initialization. They appear to be more similar to the Cinema series than the original design.


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