Multilane Large Roundabouts Filmed with a Mavic Pro Drone in Winchester, Including Winnall RB


Learn how to do use Large Multi-Lane Roundabouts. We filmed a lot of this video using a Mavic Pro Drone and Go Pro Hero 5 Black. In this short video we try and make Large Multi-Lane Roundabouts…


  1. I'm sorry this question doesn't relate directly to this video, but in the driving test, if you have put your handbrake on at traffic lights, can you leave your foot on the brake? Or do you have to take your foot off the brake and put the car into neutral/park (I'm doing my test in an automatic if that makes any difference?) Also, in an automatic, is there any point where you need to put the car into neutral/park during the test except from parking or stopping on the side of the road?? Thank you!


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