MTech Sky Drone Plus – FPV Flight Test.


So today i decided to give my sons new quadcopter a flight test using the built in 2Mp camera. And man was it fun 😀 Mtech Sky Drone Plus: Music: Archie…


  1. i bought an acrobatic micro drone from men kind, it's a decent little thing and is capable of doing barrel rolls and 180 flips, if anyone has a menkind shop near them, and want to buy a simple drone to practice flying, i would recommend buying it.

  2. the reason the drone would not calabrate is because it know that you are holding it and therefore it would not connect to the controller this also happened to me .

  3. Thanks for the vid. Do you know which batteries I should be ordering? I looked the item up on Amazon and the extra items it lists are spare blades and protectors, but not the batteries.

  4. Can u connect this to a iphone or phone to see the footage live or u record it and the. Take the sd card out and see what youve recprd PLZ answer quickly caise im thinking of buying one caise its almost my b day

  5. got the exact same drone well actually i bought 2 they were both faulty so i ripped em apart and built one good drone out of the 2 an i am over the moon with it… a freind also advised me to buy a 12mp go pro mini and attach it for a mcuh better quality video.. 😛


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