Mr Steele’s “Getting into FPV the Right way” (Setup/Lipos/Sims)


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  1. I disagree TOTALLY! Don’t build a full size drone as your first fpv experience. You WILL crash and destroy it within seconds. Buy a good transmitter and build a tiny whoop. U can crash it, easily fix it, and find out if fpv is a good fit for you. Then, and only then, build a five inch.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get in to fpv for a while. I’m not new to flying or rc in general. I raced TC and nitro buggy for years but it’s funny how basically it’s the same thing I was told when I first started. Thanks for the information on the cheap parts.

  3. I would start with a mini whoop and build one before you go and try to build and crash a 5". E011 then get an acro board for it, and get an fpv cam. Mount the fpv cam on the mini whoop and get a real controller like taranis qx7. Then get either a fpv receiver for an android phone or tablet or get some fat sharks. Next order and build a 5" from parts. I would personally build an alien 5" or similar. Mr Steele does not like banggood which I can understand to a point, but they do have their uses. I have ordered lots of misc parts from banggood and I like to get toy drones from them, I am not talking about hobby grade ones, but even those are getting much better than before. I have to disagree with Mr Steele on the banggood thing, If it werent for cheap chinese copys many people would not be flying anything.. on that note the legit retailers in the usa are ordering their carbon fiber pre cut frames from china and repackaging them anyway so…

  4. if cheap chines stuff from banggood for a fraction of the price functions better or last longer than original and expensive stuff, i dont know why you have to cry about it. I have 8 years of photographic work with lots of gears from cheap china, i have had original batteries or flash from canon or sony that went bad before my cheap china stuff, maybe youre just unlucky.

  5. A good buddy of mine has done FPV for a couple of years now. He bought a rather expensive frame. It was like $40 and it snapped on a 20 miles impact. He returned it and got a new one and it again snapped at 20 miles. After that he bought a rather cheap frame from Banggood. That frame was 5 or 6 bucks. He slammed that thing against a tree at 50 miles on purpose and nothing happened except some damaged props of course.

  6. You have to do banggood when your father earns 1000$ a month, you need a radio, fpv goggle while ordering from US shipping charges are very high with no shipping insurance to a country where customs don't know the difference between a quad and a drone and no 2.4 G or 4.8G transmitter or receiver….
    We somehow manage to get stuff….

  7. Holy shit the mustachioed hipster drone pilot doesnt understand the Chinese corporate economy… shocker! Ok steele or whatever the fuck your name is, china has quite literally BUILT a manufacturing industry on hacked patents and plans. Its not banggood, or aliexpress , or gearbest that do this these are just RETAILERS, the people copying this stuff are factory owners who rip global patents in order to create a cheaper version of everything. There is no going back from this. Amazon and many "reputable dealers" carry just as many knock off products as they do "genuine" because half the time its built in the same goddamn factory as the "genuine" products.. Its great that you can afford to buy waaay overpriced tech from US resellers lol but most of us are smarter than that. grow up and actually learn about global economics instead of voicing your grade school opinion on trade.

  8. Hey Mr. Steele. I bought a ready to fly drone from banggood, crashed it lots and am still flying it. minimal total repairs, and some minor mods to cope with problems for conflicting signals with my friends. great video, lots of good information

  9. Loved the video. As a someone that is trying to get into FPV still looking for more info into what my first quad should be after I spend some time on the simulator. I have no idea what to buy because I dont what to buy something that I will out grow in a week or two, but dont want to spend a crazy amount of money.

  10. started trying FPV few years back, so i did what you suggested, went with good respectable parts, spent a lot of money building a QAV250 fulled spec with cobra motors, Naze 32 and all the good stuff, pretty much exactly what Charpu was flying at the time…. unfortunately there were no good sims at the time, so what ended up happening, was every 1/2 battery flight i had to rebuild the entire bloody thing, and buying stuff from getFPV from Australia, the only shipping option you have is FedEx'pensive… which makes anything cost 3x the price, after 6 flights and 6 rebuilds, i pulled the pin on in, and gave up spending money…

    I'm considering going back to give it one more try now… but this time, i'm going to have a different approach to it, downloaded the full version of velocidrone, going to practice a lot there, i've also ordered a eMax Hawk 5 BNF, as one of my biggest struggles with it was knowing what was the good setup and what is considered good PID settings, i never had a base to it. By ordering the BNF, it will come with PIDs setup, so its one less process i'll need to learn. On the other hand, I can see banggood being a good resource for beginners specially on the crashing stage where replacing parts and fixing stuff can become quite expensive if you don't live in USA… After the first stage i definitely don't mind paying for something better and original, my dream quad is a rooster but i'm not keen to spend another $2000 rebuilding a rooster when i'm still learning and crashing all the time…

  11. This feels so hard to get into. A lot of stuff to research and get informed about. How do you propose a beginner to start from? Buy an already set up quad? Set it up by himself?

  12. I havent played any other simulators than a flight simulator, not rc simulator , 2nd flight with my wing and it went well, you dont need to play simulator for 10 days, youll learn basics in 1day, like i did.

  13. I think its funny you slam Bangood for being cheap and shipping China goods.

    But I bought parts from 2 of your sponsors direct from site (who wont be named) for my build last week and my tracking starts its shipment from "Hong Kong" and "China".

    My Bangood gear shipped from the US and Canada warehouses…..

  14. Well , me being new to the FPV world , this video was extremely informative and was exactly what I needed. I wasn’t looking for it , it was a recommended video after one of his freestyle videos. I am super hooked, I’ve been flying commercial drones for the surveying company that I work for for two years and am dying to break free from gps guided drones. A big THANK YOU from me Mr. Steele.


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