Eachine qx65 is one of the best micro drones for indoors I have flown at such a cheap price to get drone racing. It is tiny whoop size but costs a lot less.


  1. Love your vids Stew. Absolutely loved this little guy. Unfortunately, forgot i left one of my new 4s batteries connected to the charger overnight and it was completely dead by morning =(. I've had so many flights the original batteries no longer hold charge. Everyone seems to recommend swapping the connector to 2mm but can't find any HV batteries in Aus. Any recommendations? Thnx

  2. I just purchased a NewBeeDrone and love these tiny whoop class quads! I got into flying about 8 months ago and I've spent more time fixing my x220 than flying it so I highly recommend these for anyone wanting practice. I've spent a lot of time flying in simulators and it helps but I don't feel like it translates quite as well as actually flying one of these whoops. Maybe its just me but I feel like I'm progressing faster with the whoop than just using the simulator.

  3. Sucks that this channel is so small. I've been watching you for a little more than a year and you have high quality and to the point content. Keep up the good work!

  4. I bought one. I love it! I put a tiny buzzer in it and changed the battery cable to JST 2mm to fit the more common batteries. Amazon sells lots of cheap 260 mah batteries.

  5. Stew, I have the URUAV UR65 brushless Whoop on the way and it's looking good on paper. One of the best brushless whoop builders, Steven Merrell built me a custom racer and this little guy is close to his build specs and weight. Even Steven says it's looking like a good one (on paper). You should get one and I'll give you the PIDs and Mockingbird setup (that we are finalizing) if you are interested. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Don't bother buying anything but the advanced version of the QX65. I broke a frame after a week but no biggie with the advanced version, just swap the frame and move on. I also ordered 8 replacement motors, these brushed motors tend to live just 5 hours of flying (remember they come in CW/CCW). Changing the battery connector to the bigger 2mm JST is a mod well worth doing but I would not recommend to modify the batteries. It is a royal PITA and it is easy to puncture the cells. Just sell them / give them to someone else and buy 1S HV with 2mm JST. Gave me noticeable better performance and longer flight times and the charger from the kit can charge them as well.

  7. Stew – Thanks, I just ordered one of these – Advanced kit – The more of these class drones I fly the more I like them. I have the King Kong's and the and the Snapper 65 and a 75 on order. These things are just too much fun and you can fly them anywhere almost.

  8. The only downside for me on this one was the 2m30sec flight time … way too short Therefore I opted for a version without osd from the competition at simelar pricepoint with a lot of extraโ€™s also and a 4min flight time. Iโ€™ll receive it in the next couple of dayโ€™s … this XQ65 was perfect for me if it only flew at least 3m30sec

  9. I think showcasing whoop style quads is a great way to attract nubes to your channel. I learned fpv with an E011 and still enjoy it. Perhaps a quick show of the betaflight and radio setup for nubes would be helpful. Thanks Stu


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