Most Durable Mini Drone Racer For Beginners | 2S Brushless Whoop – FPV Quads


The smaller brother of the ET115 V2 is the Tiny GT8. The Tiny GT8 is the most powerful 2S whoop we have flown to date! Adding the super strong frame, this …


  1. Warning ⚠️ do not buy this it’s terrible no Betaflight OSD only 16 channels on vtx under powered, only one expensive battery fits , cannot change camera angle , frysky only fcc no telemetry or smart audio, only thing has going for it has a tough frame , there is so much better out there cheaper, this is like 3 year old tech , they need to up there game if they want to be competitive with the other manufacturers.

  2. To be honest I'm not impressed with any of these that have come out so far this winter and why I haven't reviewed any. 1. The Emax is 1s blah, 2. The Mobula has a fragile frame 3. This one has a weird battery connection, non adjustable camera angle, F3 flight controller, lack of Betaflight OSD so no setting rates etc on the radio. They all lack at least 50mw or 100mw VTX which is needed. I'm hoping Emax goes back to the drawing board and comes out with a 2s version bud doubt it. It is nice to see you guys have a channel though.

  3. Oh yeah I've been meaning to tell y'all, some constructive criticism. I think it would serve y'all very well if y'all were to bring y'all's website a little more up-to-date. And I ain't talking about "technical" up-to-date type shit. I mean the whole look of it, as well as some of the implementation of some standard functionality (on most 'storefront' websites) that y'all really lack. reason I'm saying this is because I really want to do 90% of my shopping with y'all. And although y'all have gotten way better from when I first found y'all, y'all just seem to be lacking some of the variety of products that I have come to see as standard stock items of other RC Hobby stores. But that's not even the main reason that I haven't shopped with y'all as much as I would like. The main reason I haven't, I'm pretty sure, is due to the difficulty at finding some items in y'all's inventory without having to do a more exhaustive search than I have to with other suppliers. I mean take my 'Never had/run a RC hobby store of my own' opinion how you will. But I honestly believe that would help you all with more than just me. That being said it would help me bring more my business to y'all more often if y'all did. But I'm just one person so… Hopefully this is not seen as me trying to be a troll. Thank you for being the only RC hobby store, anywhere fucking even close to where I live, that's worth a fuck. and the doesn't have a bunch of fucking old men looking at you like you're a fucking moron. Just cuz you don't fly what they grew up flying or some shit. You know?

  4. Hi Guys, Great video guys on the LDARC tiny GT-8 looks like a good out side flyer, but I just ordered the Mobula7, O-Well maybe the next one.
    Thanks for the information. JohnnyDRC


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