MJX X400W FPV quadcopter drone review


The MJX X400W is a budget quadcopter with a wifi camera that allows you to fly FPV through your phone. Link to the MJX X400W: Extra …


  1. Had 2 of these and had bad experience each time. Slow, slow response , if you're high and coming down to the ground, it takes for ever for it to respond and go back up. Better drones for less money with better performance

  2. Okay found my answer to linking the camera to the phone I have an Android version 6.0.1 z981 don't know if that is relivent or if the info I am about to post will help any one but here it goes . As I said my phone would not link to camera so I found the answer under Settings/Security/advanced /trusted agents I then turned that off and the camera linked immediately , So I hope this info will help someone because I spent over four hours trying to figure this out . Happy flights .

  3. I just got mine and had some fun till batt went dead . Need the 4 pack to have greater fly time also did not figure out the camera till I watched the video again and realized I needed to go to the app store because phone would not allow me to download it from the link in instruction book . As soon as batt is charged I will try the app from the app store . Cross your fingers for me and hope this works . The camera is the main reason I bought this drone

  4. I got this same exact drone for my son a few months back and we're just getting to trying it. after turning it on and the transmitter i get the two blinks and pause and two blinks but cannot get it to go steady. I move the throttle up and then back to bottom. Played with it several times. Can't get a steady light. Being my first drone figures I'd get a bad one. Does anyone know what I should look at? Is it probably the Transmitter or the receiver on the drone. Maybe you are someone with more experience can give me some feedback.

  5. Great review. Have had mine for about 9 days and the drone is now starting to disconnect from the remote (lost control not lost wifi) frequently – any tips of resolving receiver/connection issues? TIA.

  6. hey, for some reason the drone won't connect to my phone, no matter what I do I cannot setup the Wi-Fi thing to the camera. I've no idea what's wrong I looked at the owner's manual and It still will not work, any ideas?

  7. My brother got me one from Japan. I was so excited to get it out of the box. But the manual is in Japanese! I don't know where to find an english manual ๐Ÿ™ appreciate any help!

  8. I just got mine today. I was trying to adjust it when it took off from me. It lost allย control and just kept flying North of my location. It is now lost. Has anyone else experienced something like this or am I just that stupid?

  9. Thanks for the video. Does this drone have the one key home feature on it? Some places advertise it having the one key home and others advertise it as having a one key 3D roll. Which one is correct?


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