MJX X400W FPV Drone Quadcopter Review, How to, Camera Setup, & Flight Test


Amazing drone tricks near the end of the video. Here is a review of the X400W Quadcopter by DBPOWER ( as well as a flight test …


  1. Ok thank you. Whenever I try to connect it says "might not have internet connection". Do you know what that's about? I have an android galaxy note 8. Also can I get the app from the play store, or do I need to go to the web sight? And if I need to go to web sight, any chance you can provide a link? I haven't had much success with this whole thing altogether, it doesn't seem to want to fly straight up, it takes off side ways and is all over the place… Sorry for all the questions, the manual isn't much help. Sure appreciate any hell you can give me. Thanks!


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