MJX X102H Large Altitude Hold Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This large upgrade to the X101 quadcopter includes altitude hold, inverted propellers, plenty of lifting power, and a GoPro camera mount. Buy it here


  1. You are very fortunate to have that desart . I would trade you Florida for the Desert st you are in any day . I live in west central FL and teir are more and more people moving here all the time . Back in the 80's one could find solitude to go 4 wheeling or shooting etc . But never all the wide open solitude as you have . . I would give my left walnut to have the opportunity to live out there . I lost my 1st drone in a tree 110ft up . One sure doesn't have to worry about that there . Heck if the quad goes down only problem is covering all the space to find it . Imagine to be able to do that without having to knock on doors because every 30 to 50 ft is someone else's property and house . A man can't even go out for a day of shooting around here out doors that is . Because all these anal retentive people from every where else in the world that move here . Bitch and won't allow an outdoor shooting range for people to let their rifles or firearms in general get some fresh air . They complain that there may be noise . Well that largest % are from NY NY and didn't seem to mind the noise their whole life . And as for the transplants from "CHICAGO the GUN FREE CITY " . That has more killings on ave than aleppo Syria . Due to the Gangsters having Firearms Illegally I may add. While the citizenry are defenceless and left to the mercy of the Criminals . Thanks to zones SLATED Free of guns . Well the dope dealer knows that the whole country is a dope free zone . So why these people think that criminals are going to follow the rules when they post a sign saying Gun Free Zone . Is a wonder to all that is holy .Instead of gun free zones . They should change Chicago to a ZONE of Every Law Abiding Citizen Has A Gun ZONE . Then the Criminal Thugs would be out numbered and the working people would be on a level playing field .
    I apologize I seem to have gotten off track . I am thinking about this quad . Although it is more money by being about 32 dollars more than if I just went with another hero Q6X clone of syma xc5 . Since I have 2 new never used batteries and 2 prop sets and camera and landing gear . Left while the drone is 110ft up the tree . . If indeed the camera could be used on this I know the 500 mah batteries are not strong enough to power this model . Thank You and God BLESS

  2. Since my 1st quad the syma x5c is stuck in a 110 ft tree . I have the camera and 2 sets of props ETC LEFT FORM THE HISTORIC 1 MIN FLIGHT . My question is can I use the syma x5c camera , batteries and props in or on this quad . I want a quad that if I get into trouble as I did on the 1st min of the 1st flight of the 1st quad I ever flew the syma x5c . I could have it stay still or return to me or hover automatically .The batteries I have are smaller than the one in this video I believe they are 500 mah . So after checking I don't think I could use them with this quad . Although I am still in need of an expert opinion on whether I can use the x5c camera and or props on this quad . Thank You very much for any info advice you can help me with . God Bless

  3. Quadcopter 101, I got a Symax5c – 1 upgraded version. This quad is s bit different from the other ones. The motors are a bit shorter, and fatter. When i insert battery? The Female end ( on quad) is to the Left, instead of in the Center. And i needed to replace a New Small Motor gear, due to a failed attempt at headless mode, that This x5c has. It went back past me to right, and landed in a tree. After revving it up a few times to find it, That's where my Problem started. I took a small gear from one of my Other x5c motors, but they are the Wrong size. I'm thinking that the Motors and Gears are compatible, with the X5SW. Can you confirm that ??? Never had this X5S1 type before. What i LOVE about this particular version, it the lights underneath, are Red and Blue. This little quad is FAST. THE 360°pan is Much Faster. Everything is Better, and Faster, and Much Higher capabilities then the Other versions. I need to get a few new Motors already. One motor cuts in and out now. I switched the Same motor, with the Identical one at the Other end of the quad, and confirmed that it IS the Motor. I Thought a Motor would either Work or NOT work. Sometimes it spins. Anyway, i can't Wait to send it up again. Also the Housing for the Motors, and Gears, are Black instead of white, with no ( stand?) on the top of the housing. Do you think The X5SW would be Good replacement parts ? Sorry so long, but Never had such an Amazing X5C-1 upgrade like This one !!! Are you familiar with this type ???

  4. Hello everyone. I registered my hubsan 501s with (nationaldroneregister) anyone know if there legit. I did it in the morning not paying much attention to what site I was at?

  5. +Quadcopter101 Hi sir, I was hoping you could suggest a quadcopter for me… I have had lots of the $100 symas but they just don't do the footage I want for me. So what I'm looking for is a $150-$250 drone for a GoPro. I have a GoPro hero 4 silver… I want to be able to get some cool footage just from driving around the park… Suggestions?


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