MJX RC X400 Drone Acrobatics with Camera


Come along for the ride as the X400 quadcopter carries an 808 keychain camera on some high speed runs and flips. You can get an X400 here …


  1. After watching your review on this one, and a similar review by Dustin Dunnill on the same craft, I agree that it is well engineered, but the lack of a TRUE high rate mode and the unorthodox flip mode are "deal busters" for me. Wish they'd have a true high rate mode (with high yaw rate) and a flip button that allowed you to flip in any direction your right stick indicated.  Somewhat noisier than an X5C (or the even quieter U807). Lots of things to like about this one, but those 2 mentioned issues are deal busters for me.  Nice review … ALWAYS enjoy your reviews!

  2. So how are you liking the Velcro mount? It looks really nice and stable on this video considering how hard you are flying.

    I found me second set, so now I have red, black, blue and green I think so I'd better get more quads to color coordinate. Lol

  3. Nice flying, could you please make a quick video on how you open the motor case for this Quad?  i cant figure it out.  i have removed the screws and pulled down the case and it has come away partially, but there is something keeping it in place.  Thanks


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