MJX RC Bugs 3 Brushless Sport Drone Flight Test Review


Here’s how to turn this large brushless camera drone into an extreme sport flier. Quadcopter courtesy of MJX R/C And here’s the link with …


  1. And although my sponsor didn't want me to include preferential links in the video description… if you need it from Amazon http://amzn.to/2gLl259 Also available at lower cost here from GearBest (TRY COUPON HYUE) http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_495562.html?lkid=10237193 and available here from Banggood at http://www.banggood.com/MJX-Bugs-3-Brushless-Independent-ESC-3D-Roll-for-Gopro-3-Gopro-4-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1096795.html?p=RB0922217402201307U3

  2. At first this quad was hard for me to control… i had a few fly aways … I got the hang of it.. modded the rc and drone. Works well. It can carry a go pro. I now have a phantom 3 however this bugs 3 drone is still fun to fly. More fun than my phantom because this one is crazy fast.

  3. Quadcopter 101 – I have purchased a Bugs 3, almost exclusively because of your review. I also bought a Syma X5C for the same reason. I did your beginner videos on the Syma, and am just now bridging into the Bugs. Quick question, if you don't mind. I also just purchased a Taranis Qx7 in order to practice FPV flying on simulators. Is there any way to bind the Taranis receiver to the Bugs 3, or must I use their transmitter? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for another great video. I have a Bugs 3, plain and simple it's an awesome quad. We have a pretty full hanger from micro's to 250mm fpv race stuff and I love sliddinig the battery into the Bugs and just flying around. Its fast, intuitive, and just puts a smile on your face every time it takes off.

  5. Got new bug home and it keep on dropping out of the sky to the ground when I push the flip button.charge the battery.put new set props on and calibrate the transmitter then the bugDid same againAny advice

  6. QUESTION: I noticed the rolls were good. But when I'm in full forward pitch and do a font or back flip. When it recovers it shoots the opposite direction for a couple seconds then rights it's self. Have you had that issue at all?! Thanks QUADCOPTER 101

  7. Would you consider this a much better quad then the XK X251? I got an x251 and I am not happy with it. When I got it, I had a hard time flying it. it is my first brushless quadcopter, so I thought it was just me and I needed to practice with it more. When I would do a flyby then a tight banked turn to try to come back by again, it would want to keep drifting and not want to fly straight. Because of the drift, it was hard to get it to stop. You had to go in the opposite direction to get it to stop. most of the time when I would try to stop it, the quad would just shoot in a different direction. I had to crash land it a couple of times, because would start getting too far away and I would start to loose orientation. I landed it too hard one day, and on the carbon fiber landing gear, there is a screw that is way too long and when you set it down hard, it smashes into a chip on the PCB ESC Board and ruins it. I ordered a new PCB ESC Board and got it installed. Flying it is like night and day. I have no problems controlling it now. I can do flyby's and banked curves without any problems now. The only thing is that I can't get my camera port to work on my new board. When I hook my camera up to my WLtoys V686G, it works fine, but nothing on the x251. I need to open it back up to check my connections again, but I checked everything over pretty good, so I think there might be a problem with this board as well.

    I want something I can use as a camera bird and yet be able to take out to have a little fun with. Do you think the quality of this quad maybe better then the x251? I know they say the batteries last about 18 minutes or something like that, but I don't expect anything to have much over 10 minutes at this price range. How much does it weigh without a camera on it?

  8. Love your videos, but ethically, as you get the products free, shouldn't you give a disclaimer. It's a question of objectivity and letting your subscribers know.


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