MJX Bugs 8 Pro – Powerful 3S Brushless Beginner to Intermediate ACRO Drone – TheRcSaylors


Buy the bare bones version (no camera or anything) of the Bugs 8 pro here: Buy Nate’s goggles here: The Bugs 8 …


  1. I started with the first release bugs 6. Plastic motors in that one too broke the shaft bought a set of 1806 2100kv motors. Sold it to a friend he stills flys it over a year later.

  2. You did well Nate, most reviewers crash when they first try it in acro mode, even experienced acro flyers, lol. It still doesn't sound right in acro mode to me though, especially since you can't play with any settings to make it fly the way the pilot wants to. But even if you're just using angle mode it's still a very nice drone imo. Cheers!

  3. Mmmm – I like it! I'll be putting this one on the future buy list but being a beginner, I might go with the Bugs 3H first (I've got the X708 on the way). My Christmas wish list is getting longer… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I bought the original mjx bugs 3 because of you guys and it's still one of my daily fliers, is this bare bones version any faster or crazier? I want it but just spent 90 on a yuneec breeze 4k for vacation use, also I have a p3s….I really never had or tried a acro anything so that seems cool, love your vids!

  5. This is only worth if youโ€™re completely new to the hobby as it includes all you need to fly.. If anyone planning to get more out of it, it may be better of with a multi protocol radio or a cheaper Frsky or Flysky. That will open many new options for drones in the future, because you just use one radio for all drones.

  6. Hello! Great review as usual! I just followed your link to the gearbest sight and the only model they have looks like the $105.00 one and in the specs it states that it comes with a 7.4, which is a 2S. You mention in the review that it comes with a 3S, so I am just wondering if i might be missing something? Thanks!

  7. Certainly a nice drone. Thanks for the review ๐Ÿ™‚ … There was a lot of talk about the goggles and monitor too which I found interesting as I recent bought an Eachine VTX02 5g board to enable my Hubsan H501C to send back 5.8g FPV video. I believe the Eachine VR-007 goggles will receive the Hubsan signal but will it receive the Bugs range. Also … will all/ most 'stand-alone' 5g monitors/ displays enable FPV reception from the Hubsan H501S/ modded H501C and also the Bugs? Am on a budget but looking for something that won't 'white/ blue out' at short range. Maybe do a quick rundown next time you review an FPV drone. Sorry so many questions but I know very little about 5g FPV. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Good afternoon Saylors! I just noticed the baby-bump in the Intro & Outro Animation – too cute, guys! Lol Well, you just have to roll with corrupted video files, sometimes. It's actually a good lesson for us all, that the very same thing, can happen to us. That's why I applaud you both, for not editing out the section and just letting the video follow through it. This is an awesome example of authentic, real-life experience for an out-of-the-box maiden flight! Great job as always & take great care! JP


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