Mini-Orion HD Camera Drone | Review & Unboxing


Mini-Orion HD Camera Drone! Features: -2.4GHz Transmitter -1280 x 720 30 …


  1. i have a JXD 509G which is the same except i have the LCD screen for FPV . . do not use the prop guards around trees unless you want it to get stuck . . outside i dont use the guards since the snag everything . .

  2. I have this one I got from hobby tron and for the price and skill level it's fun to fly around. For those having issues with the rotors stopping on their own I figured out it's not a bad drone or part.
    The battery is 6-10 min and you can use it up before you realize it playing around and trying to fly it or set the trim. Swap or charge the battery it will be fine.


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