Mini-Orion HD Camera Drone | Assembly & Repair


Mini-Orion HD Camera Drone! Features: -2.4GHz Transmitter -1280 x 720 30 FPS Video -Still Photo -LED Lights -Built-In Gyro…


  1. I haven't found a video on replacing a motor. Please reply with a link if there is one. Thanks! I have multiple drones. So I will use one drone for parts at this time. Therefore I have no "new" motors with instructions.

  2. hey I'm having a trouble shooting issue. 3 of the 4 led lights are turning on on the motors and the live feed led comes on and connects to the remote, but the remote won't connect to the drone itself nothing flashes on the drone. could the motor (that the led isn't turning on) be effecting it some how as the drone might be defective?

  3. can you help me please I bought this product and I can't get it to fly correct. as soon as I get it off the ground it doesn't fly right. I've tried adjusting the trim but it's ineffective. I think its another problem. as soon as it leaves the ground it just goes out of control like it's way out of balance or maybe the props are not spinning the same or something else. Please help. this is the drone I bought: World Tech Élite Mini Orion Live Feed HD Camera Drone

  4. The camera display on my husbands drone manuals displays video upside down. Why does this do this and how do we fix so that you can view the video on the hand controls right side up?

  5. My drones lights are on when I turn it on, but why is it that they are not flashing when I try to pair it with the remote. I have gone through the trouble-shooting manual and everything.


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