Mini Orion Drone with 720 Camera: Review and Flight: How to fly a drone.


Out of the box and into the sky we go!!! I picked up an inexpensive “learner” drone to destroy while I learn to fly better. This drone was easy to fly right out of the …


  1. Whenever I fly mine it seems to move wildly and never just hover like yours seems to. I figured it was issue with the trim but I've tried adjusting that quite a lot and can't seem to get it right. Any ideas?

  2. UPDATE: I just fired up the drone after several weeks of it lying around. The App on my phone updated and I have NOT been able to connect it to the drone camera since. I played with it for a month and never had any problems until this App Update. I use a motorola droid phone, in case your wondering.

  3. Thanks for the fine video…just waiting for UPS to deliver our new drone (just like yours) later today…got it from QVC along with a few extra batteries!!! Rats its raining…indoor flying I guess!!!!!


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