Micro Drone 2.0 Review. First RC Micro Quadcopter With a HD Video Camera Module


Micro Drone 2.0 Review Today we review the new Micro Drone 2.0 by Extreme Fliers. This is an update to the Micro Drone we …


  1. After having this drone for 2 years, my son was playing with it in his room until he screamed: "its on fire, its on fire". it had been snowing that day and we threw it outside. I do not recommend this drone for safety reasons. PS. I have taken exellent care of this drone and never crashed it once or got it at least a little wet. 160 dollars burning outside of my house.

  2. no where near as responsive as a hubsan though.if hubsan did a better fpv including an app for Google cardboard it would rule.but i have both and the hubsan wins indoors the micro for speed outdoors:)great video though.thumbs up:)

  3. ok first of all its not wide angle and it's not HD i also have one and i know it is not because i was gonna use it for photography and it was not as great as i hoped … (i was on a budget 🙂

  4. How does it fly in the wind? What's the range? Probably should have included that in the review. To much detail on things no one really cares about..and mostly indoor flight. Lame :/

  5. This looks cool! I'm wondering if this has enough lift to carry a GoPro for better video? I don't need it to do stunts with the gopro attached just to lift and stay stable for better aerial photographs/video.

  6. Does anyone know if there are 3rd party vid cameras available for someone who can solder, and/or mechanically mount to the $55.00 – $75.00 drones out there? What I'm looking for is a 720p, (.9 mp), minimum, with the PCB and hardware to mount it to a copter. If possible, it'd be nice if it came with "real-time, wifi streaming" ability, (not likely, but 'in a perfect world').

  7. Just get a Hubsan Q4 nano or Hubsan  X4, much cheaper (lighter on the pocket!), smaller size (Q4 is the smallest production quadcopter in the world apparently)
    That would be an inexpensive intro into the world of quadcoptering!
    Then if you like it, look into the Blade quadcopters 🙂


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