Mi Drone 4K – ARGtek Omnidirectional Antenna Range Test 4,700m Distance


This is the 1st test after replace to the ARGtek WiFi Signal Range Extender Kit’s, the previous stock antenna range test at same location range only getting around 2100m distance then signal…


  1. Very nice, I am considering these antenna for myself. I am curious though if they would work even better pointing down. I understand the quadcopter antennas are in the landing gear and the instruction manual shows you to point the controller antennas down as well. Have you tried that?

  2. I'm just wondering which antennas would be best for long range. The ones you test here or patch antennas? I have many flights on my mi 4k over 200 total miles and luv this drone but would like to get better range, has anyone ever tested this drone with patch antennas? Thanks for video

  3. Very well done. I just got the Mi 4k. I am curious how much to believe the compass interference meter. Does it seem over sensiitive? It shows bad side of the meter for my area, but mavic doesn't. Was your launch point reading as good?


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