Meet the Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Camera Drone


We check out the new Yuneec Typhoon H drone, an RC hexacopter with camera features to rival DJI’s Inspire 1. The Typhoon H has a 4K camera mounted on a gimbal that can spin 360 degrees, landing…


  1. Norm your cool as fuck…. great energy and great interview….people are always jealous of superior character and talent. Bro your doing it up right…keep on doing your thing sir!

  2. I have been listening to many people from yuneec talking about their hexa frame design. It enables their flyers to be safeguarded from a potential redundant motor.
    Being an experience flyer myself, I dont need to worry about the motor being redundant but more of the ESC stopped working mid-air. That is where you need redundancy in the internal workings of the flight controller with extra IMU's etc. That is where DJI scores massive and yuneec trying to be "innovative" is just fooling people.
    The rate of a motor failure is far less than a ESC failure.
    I would rather buy a quad-copter with dual processors and IMU's built-in the Phantom 4 than the yuneec's Typhoon H.

    Also, with the Obstacle Avoidance discussion:
    Typhoon H do not provide Obstacle Avoidance at the price of $1299. With real-sense it will be $1799 (not confirmed).
    Phantom 4 without any gimicks do provide Obstacle Avoidance at $1399.

    Buy the Phantom 4 guys and enjoy flying.

  3. Hhah LOL! This guy seems to be so nervous! All those features have been there in phantom 3 for almost 8 month, and now Typhoon brings the "innovation" Yuneec dronec always 2 or 3 steps behind the DJI. And actually being a Q500 owner i can tell you that their quality is extremely poor! Very plasticky and cheap frame and gimbal… and RC… Basically everything … Every one who hand both DJI and Yuneec will understand me !

  4. Obviously, Typhoon H is not at the same level with DJI Inspire1, even not the same level with DJII P3 4K…ย Yuneec even does not have Lightbridge Technology, not mention vision positioning…and comparing to 4 props andย motors, 6 props and motors means complex and unstable system! Iย would prefer P3 4K rather than Typhoon H.

  5. Inspire 1 has 3 miles control range and 22m/s speed. Typhoon H has 1 mile range and 10m/s speed. Its like Ferrari versus Corolla. If the price is under 300 bucks, it might have a shot, but 1300 is just a rip off.

  6. equivalent as Phantom3-4K, except it has the retract landing gear, but seems plastic material not reliable at all. even you want to have 360 degree, just use the "pan" sticker on phantom. don't see this H much difference as its previous versions…
    well just some minor "upgrade", no big deal.

  7. All these reviews talk about the flying capabilities and the resolution of the camera. NONE OF THEM TALK ABOUT THE QUALITY OF THE IMAGE; megabits per second, codec, lens distortion, chromatic aberration, internal flare, 8 bit or 10 bit images, rolling shutter problems, image stabilization, image Dynamic Range, full manual control of camera, sensor size, moire, noise, banding, etc. It can be the greatest flyer in the world but if the camera is junk, then for the photographer it is junk that flies.

  8. They didn't talk about the range or anything about the radio technology. Does it have HD video uplink like the DJI lightbridge stuff does? Or is it using analog? Looks like DJI might still be a winner with lightbridge.

  9. Not to knock the drone but… I would have first got the questions from the interviewer so you would at least know the weight of the thing verse the weight of the previous version!! Plus, it would help to know the degrees of tilt of the arms so you can explain the advantages of not only the extra propeller but also the lift, tilt, stability and so on… Your way too nervous for the interview… and if your asking 1,700.. then sell it like you own one! If you don't know the weight then hold the instruction booklet or something. The control box looks like a 1970's mechanical toy with a 1980's lcd, plus it is way too bulky looking, and when you said the knob turns I wanted to laugh… What do the lights do, fart? Throw some UFO accessories in there and some video of night vision or something extra to make it sound like its better than something else because your throwing too much speculation in there. Then ask for 1299 or something?? Use some carbon fiber in your description or something to make it sound like its worthy. Good luck!

  10. These product reps deliver information about their products as though it's an after thought: " Oh, well, yeah, uh, the Typhoon H is good, uh, and it uh, it flies good…Q: "how much does it weigh?" A: I do not know". A little advice: Live and Breath your job in a manner that best executes the reason/product that supports your job. Especially for a product that actually performs as the inventors'/engineers' intended…I do feel for incompetent people – BUT!

  11. OMG. just when I promise myself that the DJI was going to be the last multirotor I'll spend money on. this one is screaming me to make it rain. what is the MSRP? and what is the max distance and altitude?

  12. I really hope they do away with the safety feature that doesn't allow their quad copters to take off or land 26 feet away. that I think I mind enough to stick to flying with DJI the distance is also a bummer but I don't mind that as much as the landing and take off feature.

  13. For a guy that keeps saying "We", he certainly doesn't know his specs. Hopefully I was able to watch other videos and learned 22mins of actual hover time… so they say, and HD streaming (not recording).

    Good video guys.


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