Meet Eric Clapton’s £4M one-off Ferrari SP12 EC | Inside: H.R. Owen Ferrari London


I visit my friends at H.R. Owen Ferrari in London to go behind the scenes at their service centre. Inside there were a plethora of rare Ferrari’s, including a …


  1. The most interesting car to me is the silver grey Maserati Merak that is shown lots of time but that you are not paying any attention to. To me, 70's super cars always seem much more interesting that all the modern plastic crap. Well, I'm sure they are not crap, but comparatively they look crappy. Of course, the F40 and Testarossa stand out. At least they have some cleanliness in their design. So there you have it. In a garage full of Ferraris, a Maserati steals the show. For me at least.


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