Mavic vs Spark – Which to Buy


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  1. I need your advice: I just sold my phantom 3 pro. I do real estate photography as a side gig for the fun of it. I almost never do video so the 4K really isn’t a benefit. I means it’s nice but usually it’s going to be saved down to 1080 anyway. I do appreciate really nice shots but I’m not sure if I can justify the mavic over the spark here? Usually i only need to be up for less than 6-8 mins anyway.
    Any reason the spark isn’t good enough?

  2. Hi there .
    I am Danny damveld From the netherlands and i have a 3dr solo drone and i have a carl zeiss cinemizer oled goggles and it wurks perfect together wit a HDMI cabel conected with each other . Over few months this year i want go a buy a mavic pro drone also .
    But i want to use my carl zeiss cinemizer oled goggles with mavic pro drone Together , is that possible???? To conect the carl zeiss cinemizer oled goggles and mavic pro drone wurking together and how to conect with HDMI or with USB ????. That is i want to know .
    Can you help my pleas . I am already looking on the internet but i am not so handy with the internet . I are more handy with recording and flying My drone and wurking with Pinnacle studio video program to make beautyful video's with My drone and camera . But the internet i am not so handy.

    Greetings Danny damveld From the netherlands.

  3. I own the Mavic and I am certain that the Spark has better value. With the controller, one has to compare the Fly more combos of both and there is a $600 difference. The 1080p60 of the Mavic is unusable. The loss of an axis, Yaw, is a small loss. The Mavic has no simple, safe way of taking off or landing on your hand. The Mavic's gimbal is too fragile. Though I'm a firm believer of RAW shooting in a camera, shooting RAW with drones has little benefit as the sensor is too small to extract more information, besides the fact we shoot video most of the time.
    You;d only go with the Mavic if 1080p is not enough for you and the additional bit rate helps in complex scenes like foliage or fast scenes.

  4. Concurrent charger isn't necessarily better than a consecutive charger. When charging one at a time, the charger can give all power to charging that battery, so it charges faster and is ready for use sooner. When charging 3 at once, the amperage is split, means slower charge time and you have a full battery later. With the consecutive charger you'll have a full battery quicker and the other batteries are charging while you are in the air.

  5. It all comes down to this:

    Spark: great drone, compact and fun to fly.

    Mavic: much more capable drone in terms of film aspect but also very fun to fly

  6. I say the Mavic wins and here's why. 1.) the Mavic's camera and gimbal is better 2. When folded, the Mavic is more compact. 3. With the controller, the spark @ $799 is only $200 cheaper than the Mavic. 4.) The Mavic has a longer flight time. 5.) With the Mavic's camera, it can be used for many professional jobs. In my view the Mavic wins. That being said, make sure if you want to make money with you drone in the US, get your FAA cert. Got mine in two weeks by watching youtube videos on METARS and Sectionals. Also used a really good training app called UAS107 ( Spark would be better if it was around $399 with controller.


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