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Buy Mavic Pro: The Mavic Pro is one of the smallest folding prosumer drones on the market. The Mavic can shoot in 4K, fly for 27 minutes with 1 battery and fly at 65…


  1. Hey man great video and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Just wondering, do you have to ask everyone you are flying over to film them?, just reading some of the CAA rules. If you fly over a large suburban settlement, do these rules only apply if you are flying directly over someone and filming them?. Just noticed you are filming anything and everyone.

  2. You have some absolutely beautiful shots on this video. I was memorized and I need to get this drone for myself. Thank you so much for the content and your opinion.

  3. Hello, I enjoyed your video. Recently I’ve been contemplating in buying a Mavic pro, as a matter of fact, I’ve thought about buying the platinum Mavic pro. But today I was reading the reviews on the Mavic on Amazon and it seems that there are a lot of satisfied customers, but also there are quite a bit of customers who developed technical problems with the Mavic and they complain that DJI has terrible customer service. They complain that the company tries to Wiesel out of repairing or replacing the drone when it is a manufacturers fault. What is your experience with DJI? Some reviews say that it is not worth the investment due to poor customer service. It sounds like it’s a great drone but they make it sound like you better not encounter technical difficulties because you’re basically on your own. Is that true?

  4. Another great review young man. Also, nice to hear someone that respects the flying code. I don't even have a drone (as yet!) but why some flyers sent theres off for 10+ miles is beyond me! Cheers.

  5. Hi! I am a street motorbike racer. I am wondering if this can lock onto, orbit around, and follow a motorcycle at high speed at round 80-90 miles per hour. Appreciate your response!

  6. I've had mine for a while now, and I've grown very confident in its abilities. Probably a little too much confidence, but I have tons of time and millions of feet traveled. The range extender convex reflectors don't seem to work with the Mavic from the reviews I've seen. Losing signal if you have it visual LOS is just not going to happen, barring gross malfunction. I loved your footage BTW. Beautiful. I am beyond LOS all the time. I even shut off the remote with the Mavic a mile or so away, to show a friend what would happen. Note that I'd done this quite a few times before LOS. I wasn't even nervous. I heard IT when I though I should. It had climbed a bit to its RTH altitude, and landed within six inches of its takeoff point. HIighly impressive! But there is nothing wrong with caution, and lawfulness. There are risks when pushing the limits, and it's a thrill, but if it's not to capture good footage, why bother? I had mine out near its specified max range, and my tailwind coming home kind of died. I came up 1/4 mile short. But a ride in the car showed the Mavic was still outputting its GPS position. It had landed in some woods behind a house, and the mother and son had watched. The kid was all dressed up for going in the woods, I showed him where it should be, if not stuck in a tree, and there it was. Not even prop damage. From the SD card, I saw that it didn't like the landing site, and hovered above the trees for a few minutes, then had to land. I didn't know that autoland with a low battery can be overridden with moving the throttle up as needed. This is good to know to stretch things just a bit. I don't know whether you can do this until it simply falls from the sky like a brick. I could have gotten home, or found a nice field. A dumb risk. What was the point? A MARVELOUS PIECE OF ENGINEERING. SIMPLY AMAZING.


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