Mavic Pro Drone & 16-35mm Lens! Landscape & Stock Photography


There’s nothing like getting new gear for your landscape photography! Today I’m testing out my new Mavic Pro drone and Sony Zeiss 16-35 f2.8 lens.


  1. Awesome! I have drone envy! 🙂 Can you talk a little bit about the process of buying a drone? You mentioned the laws are quite strict in Canada. Do you have to sign some sort of agreement at the point of sale from the shop where you bought it? I'm just wondering how you find about the rules/laws etc. Thanks! Rachel. Fun new adventure!

  2. Brilliant rachel, if thats your first attempt at flying the drone then you done a super job, great footage, and the last image of the tree line was awesome, look forward to more drone work

  3. First of all, excellent work!! Secondly, that is so awesome you have a camera drone and a new lens! 🙂 Lastly, I want to congratulate you for your work to be on the cover of the professional engineering text book! I am so happy for you! 🙂 You have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Rachel, you seem to have gotten the hang of flying the drone pretty quickly. I loved the descending shot by the Grand river revealing the trees in their Fall colours. Also I see you've replaced the broken lens. You mentioned in the video that you were running a workshop in the coming week and was wondering when it was and if you were planning to run more workshops. I'd love to join one

  5. Hi Rachel. I wish you well with your drone footage. I recently got rid of my own drone "The Mavic Air" the data protection laws here in Ireland have restricted the drone use so much as to make it unusable. There are just too many no-fly zones. Even in the places where it's still legal to fly the drone I found people out in nature considered the drone to be intrusive, the noise it makes spoils the outdoor experience for some people. There were many times the drone was in danger of being shot down and finally the main reason for letting it go was, if it loses connection or it gets tangled in trees, or electric cables or drops in water while flying (this does happen) you not only lose a drone but you also say goodbye to approx €1000 or dollars in your case. I not trying to put you off but try Google "I lost my drone" and just see how many people have said goodbye to a lot of money. Do I think drone footage adds to the overall quality of a video, well yes I do but its simply not worth the hassle. One way or the other I hope you and your drone have a long and happy relationship. Best wishes

  6. Sooo…it's easy? I am so hesitant to get one because I am not very good at using remote control electronics lol. But then again, I haven't tried since I was a kid! I just dont want to lose or crash something that's so expensive.

  7. Wow looks like you have a great new toy 😀 The autumn colours were lovely on all of those trees and I really liked all of your images. I really liked the one of the tree in the water that one was just lovely. And how great to see your image on that cover. Thanks for posting 😀 Teddy


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