Mavic Pro – Best for First-Time Drone Buyers & Newbies


A viewer asked if the Mavic Pro is a good choice for first-time drone purchasers – or for people who are new to quadcopters and aerial video/photography.


  1. I pre ordered mine Oct 3rd in the U.K. Can't wait to get it. This will be my first real experience with a drone so listening to what you said about flying it has my mind at ease. Still very nervous but excited at the same time. Thank you.

  2. I flew the phantom 3 and was way too easy to fly , keep in mind that was my first time flying too. I can only imagine how much more easier this one will be to fly.

  3. Great review Tony! I was one day from hitting the purchase button on the Phantom 4 when I saw the GoPro Karma was coming out. I procrastinated on that figuring I'm not going to get a lot of flying time up here in NJ in the winter and the wife needs a new car so I figured I'd wait till Spring. Well since the Karma took a dump (sorry GoPro) and watching your video, you've got me convinced. I have the P2 and you're 100% right about the bulkiness and prep time. Mine shoots more stable video than the early P2s because it has the H4-3D gimbal and I love it but it IS a pain and I'm not going to put the money into it so I can get FPV on it so it's looking like the Mavic Pro in the Spring for this guy. THANKS again for the great info!

  4. thanks for the video! I'm going to pull the trigger on one as soon as they clear the back orders! I'm excited and terrified at the same time! Family videos are going to new heights….litterly! I think working the newbie Mavic learning experience could be a great topic for you…No one else is doing it! thanks again

  5. And an on topic comment now that I've seen the video, The Mavic is the first drone I've seen myself getting. Don't have the money currently but if I was to buy one it'd be that one. I was like you, I was waiting for exactly that.

  6. I'm gonna make an off topic comment ๐Ÿ˜€ Have you used beat mapping yet on Logic Pro X? Man that thing is amazing. Record an acoustic riff, throw a drummer track on there and it's in time. I'm used to programming drums just to practice around, I wish I would have not forgot about that feature. You should do some more Logic videos. BTW, if you are interested in way better amp sims than they have in Logic I got a few Amplitube license.


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