Mavic Drone Easy Compass Calibration


How to calibrate the DJI Mavic Drone flight Compass is not clearly explained in the documentation, but this short video explains how to easily do it.


  1. Got my new mavic pro the other day.. Spent days getting it all figured out and ready to fly.. Wanted to calibrate the compass when i went to the farmers field to fly, do you think i could find the dang thing? Flew a little in this atti mode lol.. hated it, luckily i have flown many little quads before, landed it and came home to check youtube. And here it is thanks to you! Under advances settings i never got to sensor state, because beside the camera it is faint usually meaning no use clicking on it.. Anyway I missed that area that goes into imu and compass!! Now i can calibrate when i change locations. Thanks again and happy flying!

  2. Hello, I have the last update (1000) before flying, this is all ok, take off and at a few minutes Error Compass, I vole in different places and always do the same, how can I solve it? Thank you

  3. My like is because you have clear text- Where NOT to calibrate!
    Many of the videos incorrectly shows indoor, on Reinforced concrete slab /side walk or near by steel structure.

    IMO if CCW or ACW does not make any diff, DJI needs to update their procedures to amend by saying follow the same direction once you start calibrating both for Horizontal and Vertical camera positions.


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