MAVIC AIR | The BEST Drone DJI Ever RELEASED? (First Impressions Review)


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  1. If the fly more combo were only $800 I would buy it, a thousand$ is just too expensive to even consider WiFi connection in my opinion. I’ll wait for the Pro 2 or the Evo.

  2. The WiFi signal is good enough.. I flew in Atlanta downtown a week ago and could only achieve 350m until Signal lost…. Without interferences it can manage upto 3kms. The battery is good for 15-16 mins.. Very good drone. I would recommend it to anyone.

  3. Great video. Really enjoy my Mavic Air! Very stable, excellent video quality, and a ton of tech in this tiny tool. The WiFi is perfect for the battery capacity. It can go out to the 2 mile claims in, but can barley make it back because of the battery capacity. People who want the Mavic Air to go out to 4 miles like the Mavic Pro are insane!

    You'll never get the Mavic Air back home if it flew out 4 miles. There would be a ton of I Lost My Mavic Air videos out there and haters world still complain.

    I build and fly racing quadcopters and understand the capabilities of what quadcopters can and can't do. Plus legally, you can only fly LOS and having my Part 107 license now, I don't need it to got 4 miles. Great video


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