CHECK OUT MY MERCH – remixed tunes – first song by – filmed …


  1. Great review!! no fuss and straight to the point (nice editing by the way) I just got my Mavic Air and loving it – just started a droning channel so hoping it will help showcase the Australian landscape. I'll also do a review of the Mavic Air after some more use.

  2. the fact this is so small and you can carry it around in a drawstring bag when you adventure etc is so appealing. Definitly worth the price imo, buying one soon.

  3. Anyone know where to get UAV ID badge? You know the plastic kind like your driver's license that you can either have a clip on them or carry them in your wallet.
    I have seen some with your picture and I have seen some with the big FAA UAV Registered Pilot on them.
    I would think this would carry some weight if anyone (busy body security guard) would come over and start asking questions.

  4. An incredible video!
    Does anyone know the name or where can we download the song / sound of the transition to Bermuda? from minute 1:38.

    it is impossible for me to find it anywhere. please help!

  5. The damn mavics are so dark compared to phantom 4, wth… I want my first drone but sending almost 2K or more canadian is out of my price range but I dont want that dark mavic videos either….

  6. I was listening until he said he disliked the gimbal cover because he couldnโ€™t get it to go back on. Are you freakin kidding me? I definitely do not want this guy flying any object near me . How confusing could it possibly be to him. Itโ€™s self explanatory . It slides on over the camera horizontally and then you just depress the tabs and secure the hinged portion behind it. Threw it away? Iโ€™m sorry thatโ€™s just idiotic.


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